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The Tiger King – AHSEC H.S. Class 12 English Answers

Seven extra questions from the chapter ‘The Tiger King’ from the English rapid reader (supplementary book) of H.S.’s second year (Class 12) of AHSEC. There are 5 short answer type questions containing 2 marks each and two long answer type questions containing 7 marks each with answers. The questions from the chapter Tiger King will help the students of AHSEC class 12 in the final examination. Also, these extra questions from The Tiger King are strictly based on the latest syllabus of AHSEC for class 12.

The Tiger King - SEBA H.S. Class 12 Rapid Reader Answers

7 Extra Questions From The Chapter – The Tiger King of AHSEC Class 12 English Rapid Reader

  • Q1 – Q5: Short Answer Type
  • Q6 – Q7: Long Answer Type

Answer the following questions: (2 marks each)

(1). Who was the Tiger King? Why does he get that name?

Ans: The Tiger King is actually the Maharaja of Pratibandpuram. He has a very long name starting from ‘His Highness Jan edar-General’ to ‘Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur’ with all the titles. He gets the name of the Tiger King because he killed ninety-nine tigers but got killed by the hundredth one.

(2). What did the chief astrologer predict about the Tiger King?

Ans: The chief ast:ologer predicted that the child would grow up to be a warrior of warriors, hero of heroes, champion of champions but he was born tn the hour of the Bull; bull and the Tiger were constant enemies. Therefor. his death would come from the tiger. Later he told that the Maharaja must be careful with the hundredth tiger because his possible death would come from it.

(3). How did the Tiger King celebrate the killing of the hundredth tiger?

Ans: The Maharaja thought that he had killed the hundredth tiger. He was delighted. He didn’t know that his bullet has missed the target and the hundredth tiger survived, but it was killed by one of the hunters and the king didn’t know anything about it. He ordered the tiger to be brought to the capital in a grand procession. The dead tiger was taken in a procession through the town. It was buried and a tomb was erected over it.

(4). What was the happy news for the Tiger king after a long time?

Ans: The Maharaja was sunk in the gloom as the hundredth tiger could not be located. But soon came the happy news that ‘sheep began to disappear frequently from a hillside village in his state. It means there came a tiger who hunted the sheep. He announced a three-year exemption from all taxes for that village and the Maharaja refused to leave the forest until the tiger was found.

(5). Who were Khader Mian Sahib and Virasami Naicker?

Ans: Khader Mian Sahib and Virasami Naicker were two men from Pratibandaouram. They both famed for their ability to swallow sheep whole. Their names appeared in the story when the news of sheep disappearing frequently from the hillside village spreading everywhere in Pratibandapuram. Actually, their names came up in the story on suspicion of eating sheep.

The Tiger King Long Answers Type Questions & Answers for AHSEC H.S. Second Year

(6). Describe the comic scene between the Tiger King and his Dewan. What did the Tiger King actually wish to convey to the Dewan? (7 marks)

Ans: The Tiger King is virtually a satire on the conceits, whims, and fancies of those people who are in power. The Tiger King is the Maharaja of Pratibendapuram state. His arrogance stubbornness and anger are of a very high dimension. Due to the prophecy of the Chief astrologer, the Tiger king started killing tigers at the age of twenty when he became the king of Pratibandapuram.

The Maharaja’s tiger hunts continued to be highly successful. Within ten years he was able to kill seventy tigers and the tiger population became extinct in the forests of Pratibandapuram. Therefore, one day to talk about an issue the Tiger king summoned Dewan saheb. The meeting between the King and the Dewan created a comic scene that is full of humor. The Tiger king asked Dewan saheb waving his gun at him if he was not aware of the fact that thirty tigers still remain to be shot down by that gun of his. Shuddering at the sight of the gun Dewan Saheb cried out in fear that he was not a tiger. The king scolded Dewan and asked which idiot would call him a tiger. Dewan was very scared and stammered that he was not a gun. The king told him that he was neither a tiger nor a gun.

On the other hand, the king told him that he had decided to get married. The Dewan began to talk nonsense even more. He told the king that he had two wives already and not wished to marry the king. Once again the king rebuked the man and asked him why he should marry him. Even the Dewan continued his stupidity. He remarked at the king that his ancestors were married to the sword. If he liked then marry the gun. However, a Tiger King was more than enough for that state. It didn’t need a Tiger Queen as well. The Maharaja gave a loud crack of laughter after hearing the man and told him he was not thinking of marrying either a tiger or a gun.

Actually, the Tiger King wanted to tell the Dewan that he had decided to get married a girl from the ranks of human beings. He instructed him first to draw up statistics of tiger population in different native states and next to investigate if there was a girl he could marry in the royal family of a state with a large tiger population.

(7). What did the Maharaja do to appease (calm down) the British Officer whom he prevented from hunting tigers? (7 marks)

Ans: The state banned tiger hunting by anyone except the Maharaja, Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur. Anyone dare to disobey the royal decree, all his wealth and property would be confiscated. Once a high-ranking British officer visited Pratibandapuram. He was fond of hunting tigers. He liked to be photographed with the .tigers he had shot. But the king was firm in his resolution. He refused permission. He was ready to organize any other hunt but the tiger hunt was impossible.

The British officer’s secretary sent word through the dewan. The Maharaja could do the actual killing. The officer only wanted to be photographed of him holding the gun and standing over the tiger’s carcass. But the Maharaja didn’t agree even to this proposal. Because he prevented a British officer from fulfilling his desire, the king stood in danger of losing his kingdom itself.

The Maharaja and the dewan held deliberation over this issue. As a result, a telegram was sent immediately to a famous British company of jewelers in Calcutta to send samples of expensive diamond rings of different designs. Some fifty rings arrived. So to pacify the British officer the Maharaja sent the whole lot to the British officer’s wife.

The king and the minister expected the lady to choose one or two rings and send the rest back. But the lady kept all the rings and within no time she sent a reply: “Thank you very much for your gifts”. The Maharaja was very happy. Though he had lost three lakh of rupees, he had managed to retain his kingdom.

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