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The Skill of Stimulus Variation Lesson Plan – B.Ed. Micro-Teaching

Microteaching is a significant development in the teacher education program. The basic objective of microteaching is to make teacher education programs scientific, effective, and meaningful. There are 10 Major Skills of Microteaching practiced in Teacher Training Institutions. For Every skill, students had to make a lesson plan for the respective subject. For example Science, Mathematics Micro-teaching lesson plan, etc. This is a model Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan of the Skill of Stimulus Variation for B.Ed.

Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan - Skill of Stimulus Variation

The Skill of Stimulus Variation Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan for Mathematics

For each skill and each subject B.Ed. pursuing students have to make lesson plans for the micro-teaching. Here is a ready-made mathematics micro-teaching lesson plan for the skill of stimulus variation. This maths lesson plan for the skill of stimulus variation will help you to save time as well as to make your own lesson plan easily. Also, while making any lesson plan you have to keep in mind to include all components of the skill in your micro-teaching lesson plan. The skill of stimulus variation has eight components of the skill. These are-

Components of Skill of Stimulus Variation:

  • Focusing
  • Eye contact and movement
  • Gestures
  • Voice modulation
  • Pausing
  • Teacher’s movement
  • Change in interaction style
  • Switching sensory channel (oral/visual)

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The topic of the above B.Ed. micro-teaching lesson plan of mathematics is “Triangle and Its Type”. Remember that you have to perform this lesson plan in presence of your teacher/examiner.

Note that, the format of this lesson plan for stimulus variation of mathematics may not 100% similar to the format provided by your teaching institution. So, verify before final submitting. This mathematics microteaching plan is based on the format provided by the teaching institution under Dibrugarh University.

Note: For the security of our content, for protecting our content from piracy the pdf downloading is not available. In the future, we will try to provide B.Ed. micro-teaching Lesson plan in pdf format.

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