The Skill of Reinforcement in Science Micro Lesson Plan

If you are searching how to make a micro-teaching lesson plan of Science for the skill of Reinforcement, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I am going to teach you how to make a micro lesson plan for Reinforcement in Micro-Teaching in your teacher Training institutions. I will also provide you a Sample micro lesson plan for the skill of Reinforcement in Science.

The Skill of Reinforcement in Science Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan for B.Ed.

Science Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan For The Skill of Reinforcement for B.Ed.

Micro-Teaching is very important if you are pursuing B.Ed. You have to learn it properly to increase your teaching skill. So, it is practiced in every B.Ed. colleges. In B.Ed. colleges of Assam it is practiced in the 3rd semester of the course.

The skill of reinforcement is one of the major skills of micro-teaching practiced in B.Ed. colleges. To practice this skill, You have to make a micro lesson plan for this skill. It will require proper knowledge of the skill of reinforcement.

To make a lesson plan for this skill of Reinforcement for Science, you have to learn about the components of reinforcement first. without understanding them you will no be able to make a proper lesson plan. I have already posted an article explaining the objectives and uses of Components of reinforcement.

Components of The Skill:

There are 10 components of the skill of reinforcement. These are –

  1. Positive verbal Reinforcement
  2. Extra verbal cues
  3. Non-verbal cues
  4. Writing pupils’ answer on the blackboard
  5. Proximity Reinforcement
  6. Contact Reinforcement
  7. Token Reinforcement
  8. Negative verbal reinforcement
  9. Negative Non-verbal Reinforcement
  10. No reinforcement

You have to use these components in your micro-teaching as well as in your micro lesson plan of science. In the skill of reinforcement, you should prepare some questions based on your topic. While asking those questions to students you have to use these components of the skill.

Sample Questions and Micro Lesson Plan For Reinforcement in Science.

The topic for these Sample Questions and micro-teaching Lesson plan on the skill of Reinforcement in science is “Plants and Its Various Part” from class VI. You can choose your own topic which you prefer. There is no limitation to that.

Below you will see the attached PDF file from the Science Micro Plan on Reinforcement Skill.


As you can see there are three steps to perform for this skill like other skills. For each step, you have to write the teacher’s activities, pupils’ activities, and components. No need to write teaching aids for the skill of reinforcement since there is no use of teaching aids. You can use any component for any question.

The format of the sample science micro-teaching lesson plan on the skill of reinforcement might be slightly different from yours. So, please ensure the format before your final submission. But, these Sample questions can be used in any format.

I hope you will be able to make micro plan on this skill for any subjects.

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