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The Skill of Explaining in Science Micro Lesson Plan

If you are pursuing B.Ed. then you probably know about micro-teaching and how important is it. Every student who is pursuing B.Ed. or D.El.Ed. should learn micro-teaching. To practice micro-teaching you have to make a lesson plan for it. This is not an easy task. So, here our aim is to teach you to make a micro-teaching lesson plan for any subject. This is a sample micro-teaching lesson plan on the skill of explaining in Science for B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. This sample micro lesson plan for the skill of explaining is for the pedagogy of science.

The Skill of Explaining in Science Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan in PDF format for Dibrugarh University

Science Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan For The Skill of Explaining

There are 10 major skills of micro-teaching practiced in teacher training institutions or B.Ed. colleges. The skill of explaining is one of them. In this post, we will only learn how to make a micro lesson of science for the skill of explaining. For other skills please refer to our “B.Ed. Lesson Plan” category.

Micro-teaching is practiced in the 3rd semester of B.Ed. course. Somehow there might be differences in the curriculum from institution to institution.

Before you start making your micro lesson plan, you should have the proper knowledge of micro-teaching. Also, you have to understand the particular skills in which you are going to make your lesson plan. In this case, you will need proper knowledge of the skill of explaining and you should understand each of its components.

Components of The Skill of Explaining:

The are eight components of the skill of explaining used in micro-teaching. These are

  1. Initial Statement
  2. Using explaining link
  3. Brevity
  4. Interpreting pupil’s cues, verbal, no-verbal
  5. Use of illustration examples, analysis
  6. Continuity
  7. Fluency
  8. Concluding statement

You have to understand each component of the skill properly to apply these components in your micro lesson plan. Otherwise, you will misplace them and your science micro plan for the skill of explaining will get rejected.

Sample Science Micro Lesson Plan for The Skill 7 of Micro-Teaching – PDF

Below you will see the attached PDF file of the sample micro lesson plan of science for the skill of explaining in the English language.


The science micro lesson plan for skill 7 of micro-teaching is on the topic “Physical and Chemical Changes” of class VII. You can choose your own topic for micro-teaching. This is just a sample micro lesson of science.

Please note that the format of this micro lesson plan may be different from yours. So, please ensure before your final submission. But if you are pursuing B.Ed. from teacher training institutions of Assam, like Dibrugarh University then this might be similar.

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