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The Skill of Explaining in Mathematics Micro Lesson Plan

A good explanation of a topic can give a better understanding to pupils. That is why the skill of explaining in micro-teaching is practiced in teacher training institutions. If you are pursuing B.Ed. you probably know that to practice micro-teaching you will need to make a micro lesson plan for that subject. Here you will learn how to make a micro-teaching lesson plan for the skill of explaining in mathematics. So, that you will be able to make your own lesson plan on any topic.

The Skill of Explaining in Mathematics Micro Lesson Plan in PDF format

Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan of Mathematics for The Skill of Explaining – Skill 7

There are 10 major skills of micro-teaching practiced in teacher training institutions or B. Ed. colleges. The skill of explaining is one of them. In this post, we will learn to make a microteaching lesson plan of mathematics for the skill of explaining. For other micro plans please refer to our “B.Ed. lesson Plan” category.

Micro-teaching is practiced in the 3rd semester of the B.Ed. course in B.Ed. colleges under Dibrugarh University. To practiced micro-teaching for a particular subject, you have to make a micro lesson plan for all skills of micro-teaching. In this case, we will be making a micro lesson plan for the skill of explaining in mathematics for the pedagogy of mathematics.

Each skill of micro-teaching has its own components which are very important. They describe the activities which you will need to do while presenting that skill of micro-teaching. Before we start our lesson plan for the skill of explaining you should know its components.

Components of the Skill of Explaining:

There are seven components of the skill of explaining. These are –

  1. Initial Statement
  2. Using explaining link
  3. Brevity
  4. Interpreting pupil’s cues, verbal, no-verbal
  5. Use of illustration examples, analysis
  6. Continuity
  7. Fluency
  8. Concluding statement

Remember that before you start making your micro lesson plan for the skill o explaining you have to understand all of these components. Because you will need to use all these components of the skill in your lesson plan in the proper place. Otherwise, your micro lesson plan may get rejected.

You will learn the use of components of the skill of explaining from this micro lesson plan of mathematics. Observe carefully and you will get to know. Also, you will be able to use these components in any other subjects.

PDF of Sample Micro Lesson of Mathematics for Explaining – Skill 7

The following micro-teaching lesson plan is on the topic – “Cyclic Quadrilateral” of class IX. You may choose your own topic. This is just a sample of a mathematics micro lesson plan for explaining in your micro-teaching.


Please note that the format of this micro lesson plan is based on the format provided by Dibrugarh University. There might be a slight difference in the format to yours. So please ensure before your final submission. Please let us know if there any mistakes in our micro plan.

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