The Night Before an Examination – An Essay For Students

Examinations are nightmares for most of the students. Honestly, I too used to fear examinations during my school period. But good preparation can help you relax the night before an examination. So, here is a very uncommon essay on the topic -“The Night Before an Examination”. This essay will say the real truth behind every night before the examination. This is also a very good topic idea to write a unique essay at your school.

The Night Before an Examination - An Essay For Students

500+ Words Essay On The Topic – The Night Before an Examination


The night before an examination is the toughest ordeal in the life of a student. It is true that the impact of this night differs from examinee to examinee. But, to the majority of examinees, it is nothing short of a nightmare. Most of our students do not sit for their studies regularly. They idle away the major part of the time in gossiping, loitering, witnessing films, and in such other activities. As a result, when the examination comes, they are at a loss as to what to do. Since they do not read regularly, they do not have a grasp or command over anything. This results in their total lack of confidence which shows itself through nervousness, fear, impatience, worry, tension, sleeplessness, and want of appetite.

How Examination Affects The Majority:

Since the acquisition of a degree is a passport for a job examinations must be passed. But, as most of our students play hide and seek with their studies throughout the year, the nearer the date of examination advances, the more are they at their wit’s end. So they all look out for short cuts to success. Some go to their teachers and request them to suggest probable questions. Some approach their sharper brighter and better-prepared classmates for help. But everything comes to the climax on the night before the examination.

Most of the examinees forget everything they have prepared and hurriedly turn the leaves jumping from one book to another. They become so fidgety that they can not eat, read, or sleep. Some even faint. A few copies of the answers to the probable Questions from notebooks in tiny handwriting and on small chits of paper, which they would carry to the examination hall the next day to copy from. Such chits are commonly known as “masala”. The desperate ones go to the best students in their class and bully them to enable them to copy from their answer books. They even threaten such bright students with dire consequences in case of failure to comply with their demands.

The Good Students Night Before an Examination:

On the other hand, those students who study quietly, regularly, and thoroughly throughout the year do not exhibit any such abnormal symptoms or behaviors. They take everything easily and with confidence. Their thorough study gives them complete command over the subjects. As such, they are not required to prepare anything in patches. They can eat, drink, and enjoy sound sleep even on the night before the examination. In the morning, they wake up completely refreshed and sit in the examination hall with reasonable self-confidence.


It is neither negligence of studies nor over-confidence but reasonable self-confidence that every examinee should cultivate, and develop as the right attitude to examination. But only regular exercise, good health, and sincere and regular study can enable a student to acquire such an attitude.

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