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The Happiest Day Of My Life – Essay for Student

Everybody has the happiest day in their life. But it may differ from person to person. Happyness changes in each stage of life. Even a very little child has happiness on their own. So, it is a very common topic in essay writing. But some students feel very confused about writing an essay on their happiest day of life although they knew the occasion very well. So here we are to help those students. From this essay on the topic – “The Happiest Day of My Life”, you will be able to write your own essay very easily.

The Happiest Day Of My Life - Essay for Student

500 Words Essay on – “The Happiest Day Of My Life”

We follow the proper format of essay writing so that students will be able to get maximum marks. The following essay includes these subtopics –

  • Introduction to the Essay
  • Description of the happiest day
  • The conclusion of the essay


Which was the happiest of my 16-year-old life? Was it the first picnic I ever enjoyed? Was it my first view of Shillong, the beautiful former capital of Assam? Or was it the first-ever prize I won in a literary competition? as a student of Class V? Well, these and similar other experiences gave me immense joy indeed. It is always exciting to win a prize or a scholarship. To be out in the midst of nature or visiting historically interesting places may also send one’s heart throbbing. But the happiest day of my life had no connection whatsoever with such experiences.

Description of the Occasion ( The Happiest Day of My Life)

It was a chilly December morning some four years ago. I was out for an early morning stroll along the streets of our small township. The houses on both sides seemed still asleep, and the serene silence of the morning was disturbed by the not-too-gay whistling and chirpings of cold-beaten birds and, of course, by the cacophonous music of crows. I walked on for about twenty minutes and took a sharp bend to the left near the market. And lo! There lay round the corner a corpse-like body of a young boy! He had only a tattered pair of shorts on, with all the rest of his body exposed to the biting cold. Like a millipede coiled round, the boy lay huddled up against himself. I was a bit curious and went neat the corpse-like body. No, it was not a dead body and the boy was breathing all right. His skinny ribs slowly rising and falling. My curiosity prompted me to give a mild shake.

There was no response: the boy still lay there like a lifeless log of wood. I collected, some stray fire-wood and fetched a match from a nearby tea stall. I made a fire close to the boy. A short while later, I saw the boy stretch his hands and legs. Then he opened his eyes wearily and stared at me blankly. I could guess from his look that he was famished and was so weak that he could not even talk. “Are you hungry ?”, I asked. The boy nodded slowly. I ran home and lost no time in coming back to the spot with a few pieces of bread and a glass of milk. The food revived the boy to some extent. I helped him to sit up, then to stand up, and finally, to trudge. My mother was surprised to see me returning home with a dirty, skinny, bare-bodied, and famished boy. I told her the whole story. She was at first very angry with me. But when I pleaded that he was an unfortunate by and that we must help him to live, my mother relented and undertook to take care of the boy.


What can give a man greater joy than the thought that he has been able to render selfless service to a fellow human being? I still recall with a sense of pride that on that day some four years ago. I played a humble role in saving the life of a young boy. Since then I have had many more occasions to serve the poor and the suffering to the best of my ability. But, the day when I saved a young boy from starvation and cold was undoubtedly the happiest day of my life. It is more so because he is now living a normal life as a member of our family.

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