THE ENEMY – AHSEC Class 12 Rapid Reader Question & Answers

11 extra questions and answers for the English rapid reader or supplementary reader chapter “The Enemy” for AHSEC H.S. 2nd year (class 12) final examination. There are nine short answer type questions containing 2 marks each, and two long answers type questions containing 7 marks each. These questions from the English rapid reader chapter “The Enemy” of AHSEC are strictly based on the latest syllabus provided by AHSEC for H.S.’s 2nd year. These questions will be really helpful for your final examination.

THE ENEMY - SEBA Class 12 Rapid Reader Questions & Answers

The Enemy – English Rapid Reader Extra Questions for AHSEC H.S. 2nd Year

Below there are nine 2 marks questions from the chapter The Enemy.

Answer the following questions: (2 marks each)

(A). Who was Dr. Sadao Hoki and where did he live?

Ans: Dr. Sadao Hoki was a famous Japanese surgeon. He went to America to study surgery and medicine. By the time his father died, he had established himself as a surgeon and scientist. Dr. Sadao Hoki’s house was built on the Japanese coast. It was a low, square stone house above a narrow beach.

(B). Who was Hana and where did Sadao meet her? How were they married?

Ans: Hana was a beautiful Japanese lady. She met Dr. Sadao in America at a professor’s house. But Dr. Sadao had wanted to fall in love with her until he was sure she was Japanese. She was pure in her race. Otherwise, his father would not have accepted her into the family.

Their marriage had been arranged in the old Japanese way. They were perfectly happy and had two children.

(C). What did Hanaand Sadao see coming out of the mist?

Ans: Hana and Sadao were standing outside their house. They saw something black coming out of the mist. It was a man. He seemed to be flung up out of the ocean. He staggered a few steps. He was crawling. Then he fell on his face and lay there. Sadao thought him some fisherman having been washed from his boat.

(D). How did Sadao and Hana come to know that the man was an American, a prisoner of war, and an enemy?

Ans: Sadao and Hana came near the man lying on the beach. They found some stains of blood on the sand. The man was wounded. He turned the man’s head and they saw his face. He was a white man. They read the fain writing on the cap: “U.S. Navy”. The: man was a prisoner of war and his name was Tom. He was an enemy soldier. Japan was at war with America.

(E). Why did the servants leave D. Sadao’s house?

Ans: Japan was at war with America. Dr. Sadao was nursing a wounded American, a prisoner of war. The servants did not like Dr. Sadao’s generosity. He was trying to save a white American. Hie was giving him a new life. They considered Dr. Sadao’s work an act of treachery. Hence, their patriotic feelings made them leave Dr. Sadao’s house.

(F). How did the General react when Sadao informed him about the prisoner of war?

Ans: The behaviour of the General was quite surprising. His personal considerations overweighed all other considerations. He didn’t order the immediate arrest of the enemy. Nor did he take any action against Dr. Sadao who had given shelter to an American soldier. He only offered to send two private assassins to get him killed secretly. But he never sent those men.

(G). What made Dr. Sadao sure that the wounded American soldier had escaped safely in darkness?

Ans: Dr. Sadao had made elaborate arrangements for the safe escape of Ton. He was made to row to a nearby island. All necessary things were provided to him. He was to signal .wo flashes if he ran short of food. ‘When no signal came, Dr. Sadao was convinced that Tom had escaped safely.

(H). Hana told Yumi to wash the soldier. How did Yumi react?

Ans: Dr. Sadao asked Yumi to wash the soldier. But Yumi resisted saying that she won’t was so dirty a man as the American soldier was. Also, she had never washed a white man. She got stubborn too. Hana cried at her severely that she would do what her master commanded.

(I). Will Hana help the wounded man and wash him herself?

Ans: Certainly, she helps the wounded man though she has initial hesitations. The man is a prisoner of war. He is the wounded sailor of the ‘U.S. Navy’. First, the man is her enemy. Secondly, she thinks that by giving shelter to such a man they can be arrested. But her essential humanity and obedience to her husband compelled her to save Tom’s life.

Long Answer Type Questions From The Chapter “The Enemy” – AHSEC H.S. 2nd Year

Answer the following questions: (7 marks each)

(1). Write a character-sketch of Dr. Sadao as depicted in the story, “The Enemy”.

Ans: Dr. Sadao Hoki was the only child of his father. He was highly influenced by his father. His education was his father’s only concern. For this reason, he had been sent to America at the age of twenty-two to study surgery and medicine. He married Hana when he became sure she was Japanese. This shows Sadao’s love for Japan.

Dr. Sadao was first a doctor and then anything else. He and Hana found a prisoner of war wounded and bleeding. Sadao was in a dilemma. The wounded man was an American. Japan was at war with America. If he sheltered a white man he could be arrested. If he handed him over to the police, the wounded soldier would certainly die.

Dr. Sadao and his obedient wife faced the anger and displeasure of their servants. Yumi didn’t want to wash a white man. The old gardener left them. Dr. Sadao ignored all these warnings. He heard the call of his profession only.

Dr. Sadao’s heart overflowed with human kindness. In case, Tom is arrested, he made elaborate arrangements for his escape. He did all these sacrifices putting himself and his wife at maximum risk.

It is all the more praiseworthy in his case that he knows about American prejudice. As a normal human being, he can avenge what happened to him when he stayed in America. But it is not his forte to stoop down to such a low level. His professional commitments raise him above the human barriers. This is the humanism that transcends him to the level of a god.

(2). How would you explain the reluctance of the soldier to leave the shelter of the doctor’s home even when he knew he couldn’t stay there without risk to the doctor and himself?

Ans: The young American soldier recovers speedily from his wound after Dr. Sadao’s tending him well in time. When Dr. Sadao examines him post-operation, the soldier asks him what he is going to do with him. Obviously, the soldier is reluctant to leave Dr. Sadao’s shelter, yet he knows that he can’t remain there for long. Dr. Sadao tells him that he does not know what he would do with him. He also tells him that he ought to give him to the police as he is a prisoner of war. The young man knows now that his future is sealed with Dr. Sadao.

However, he has a ray of hope that he, perhaps, maybe saved. Dr. Sadao advises him to get up on his feet and stay up only five minutes at a time. He sees a ‘flicker of terror’ on his young face because he knows nothing clear about his life or future. However, he says that he ought to thank him for having saved his life. The young man still fears for his life, as he is not sure of his future. He knows it very well that so long as he remains there, he will be a great risk to the doctor himself. He expresses his gratitude that if he had not met a Jap like him he would not have been alive that day. And if all the Japs were like him there would not have been a war. The young soldier understands everything and accepts Dr. Sadao’s plan to escape in the darkness.

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