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Solar Heater Panel – Easy Science Project For School

Solar Heater Panel - Easy Science Project For School

Science Project for Kids – Solar Heater Panel

I have published a curiosity series related to the manufacture and use of science equipment for lower secondary and secondary level home experiments. Some of our topics related to these are – Elementary Science Project, Science Project for Kids, Stem Fair ideas, Fun Science, etc. Here I am showing you to make a Solar heater Panel at your home. This Solar Heater can be used to make hot water from solar energy. also, you can submit this at your school as a science project.

Now lets come to the project that I am going to show you step by step.

Necessary Materials to Make a Solar Heater Panel:

These materials will be needed to make this science project, i.e, Solar Heater Panel. It will be not a big deal to finds these materials at your home.

  • A big wooden box.
  • A rubber pipe.
  • Nails.
  • Black paint.
  • Mirror. Glass cover.
  • Tap.
  • Source of water.
  • A drum.

Method to make this Science Project

Firstly, prepare a big (as per method) wooden box as shown in the picture and paint it black from inside. Then set the mirror in the lid of the box in the folding system. Make two holes at points A and B of the box. The hole should be wide enough for the pipe to enter through them. Paint the pipe also black and set it spiral inside the box. Fix the pipe by driving nails in the places marked, as inside the box to let its spiral shape have deteriorated.

Solar Heater Panel - Easy Science Project For School
Model: Solar Heater Panel

Now, keep the box slightly oblique in a safe place (such as the roof of the house) where the sunlight falls. Join the source of water to point ‘A’ of the pipe, and either set the tap in point ‘B’ i.e., the opening of the pipe or set the point stooped into the drum and set the tap at the lower part of the drum. When water flows from the source, i.e., point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, it gets heated and the hot waterfalls off point ‘B’ into the drum and is stored.

How Can This Solar Heater Panel Heat Water?

Matters get heated with the heat energy of the sun. Moreover, a black object highly absorbs heat. The water inside the pipe gets heated with the heat energy and since hot water is light (of low density), it moves upward and then comes out through the hole i.e, point ‘B’. Good luck with your Project. Please comment on your feedback regarding this project and tell us your suggested topics or share your project ideas with us. Special credit will be given to you.

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