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Solar Heater Box – Easy Science Project Idea For School

Solar Heater Box - A Easy Science Project Idea For School

Cool and Easy Science Project for Kids – Solar Heater Box

The present era is the era of science and computer. Analytical power, research, and the need for entertainment are also growing in men. The value of time has increased a lot. It is very important for the students to accelerate their learning skills and make them relative to time. Keeping in view this need of students, I started to publish curiosity series. I have published a curiosity series related to the manufacture and use of science equipment for lower secondary and secondary level home experiments. Some of our topics related to these are – Elementary Science Project, Science Project for Kids, Stem Fair ideas, Fun Science, etc. Now lets come to the project that I am going to show you step by step. In this article, I will be showing you how to make a Solar Heater Box. A very simple Science Project for kids.

Necessary Materials for This Science Project

  • A box (carton) made of cardboard or wood.
  • Glass or a piece of transparent polythene paper.
  • Black paint.
  • Shining paper (Aluminium foil)
  • Sand.

Method: Making of Low-Cost Solar Heater Box For School Project

Cut out the front part ( mark as ‘A’ ) of the carton as shown in the picture and cover the space with the transparent polythene so that the materials inside the carton may be seen.

Solar Heater Box - A Easy Science Project Idea For School
Model : Solar Heater Box

Then, open the upper lid of the carton and stick the shining paper on its inner surface. Then fix it slight oblique so that the sunlight may fall over it. Now, paint all the inner surfaces in black. Put some Sand in the lower part of the carton and level it. Then keep the thing to be heated or dried spread on a page of a magazine or, on a dish and put it into the carton. Now, keep the carton in a safe and open place so that the sunlight may fall over it, and look after it. The thing kept inside the carton dries or gets heated more quickly than a thing kept in open.

Reason – How This Solar Heater Box Work?

A blackened box or a box with shining paper gets heated quickly because black color absorbs heat and the shining paper reflects the rays that fall out of the box and radiates them right towards the box. As a result, the temperature of the inner part of the box highly increases and the object kept inside the box gets quickly heated or dries. Besides this, the sand put in the box gets quickly heated too. And, if the object to be heated or dry is kept in a metal plate or any other vessel made of metal, it dries or gets heated quickly too. For all these reasons, a thing kept in such type of box dries or gets heated quickly.

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