Social Science Skill of Stimulus Variation Micro Lesson Plan

Are you searching for a micro-teaching lesson plan for social science for the skill of stimulus variation? Are getting any difficulties while preparing your micro lesson plan for social science? Don’t worry. In this post, you will get a sample micro lesson plan of Social Science for the skill of stimulus variation.

Social Science Skill of Stimulus Variation Micro Lesson Plan

The Skill of Stimulus Variation in Social Science Micro Plan for B.Ed.

If you are a B.Ed. trainee or student, you must learn micro-teaching during your course. Among the 10 skills of micro-teaching, the skill of stimulus variation is one of them which we will discuss in this post. To practice micro-teaching, you will need to learn to prepare a micro plan for a particular skill.

Here in this post, you will learn how to prepare a micro-teaching lesson plan for Social Science for the skill of stimulus various. I have provided a sample social science stimulus variation skill micro plan for showing you how to prepare a micro lesson plan properly.

Before preparing a micro lesson plan for the skill of stimulus variation, you have to know and understand each component of stimulus variation skill. You will need to prepare the social science or any other subject micro plan according to those components.

Class 10 Geography Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan – Skill: 6

In this sample Social Science micro plan for stimulus variation skill, I have shown you how to properly distribute the components of this skill throughout the lesson plan. The topic of this sample micro plan is “Type of Vegetation in India” which is taken from class X social science textbook.

The step-by-step guide to preparing social science micro plan for the skill of stimulus variation is given below.

Identification of Data:

Subject: Social Science
Topic: Type of Vegetation in India
Class: IX
Teacher Trainee:
Time: 6 min

Teaching Aids:

  • General Teaching Aids: Chalk, Blackboard, Duster, Pointer.
  • Specific Teaching Aids: Map of India showing Natural Vegetation


StepTeacher’s ActivitiesPupil’s ActivitiesComponents
The Teacher will enter the classroom and welcome the pupils. He will keep properly the teaching aids on the table and rearrange the classroom if necessary.   Then the teacher will ask a common question for the class – Q. Name some common plants found in our locality.   Then the teacher will write down the name of the topic on the blackboard as –
Students will respond to the teacher.      

Students are expected to give answers

Students will write down the topic in their notebooks.
Interaction with the pupils          



Social Science Skill of Stimulus variation Micro Lesson plan


StepTeacher’s ActivitiesPupil’s ActivitiesComponents
Then the teacher will conclude the class, “So, today we have learned about vegetation in India and the various types of vegetation found in India.”   After that, the teacher will appreciate the learner for their attentive and active cooperation, then rub the board before leaving the classroom.  Students will listen attentively to the teacher.  Voice modulation   Gestures

PDF – Social Science Class 10 Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan – Stimulus Variation Skill

For a better understanding of the above micro lesson plan of social science, I have also attached the PDF version of the above plan. This is a complete plan for this skill which will be for 5 minutes.


To present this skill in micro-teaching you will need a stimulus, that a Map of India showing Natural Vegetation. You have to make it ready to present this skill. If you want to make a micro plan for this skill on a different topic, you can do that by taking help from the above plan.

Also, it is to be noted that the format of preparing a micro plan varies from institution to institution. So, this social science micro plan may not be exactly similar to yours. But the content will be the same. This is just a sample micro plan to give you an idea.

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