Science Lesson Plan PPT, PDF for B.Ed. / D.El.Ed.

If you are pursuing B.Ed. or D.El.Ed., then you know how important is it to learn to make lesson plans for teaching. In your B.Eed. course you are given to make various lesson plans for various subjects. Here in this post, I will share a Science Lesson Plan PPT for the Powerpoint Presentation at your institution. This science lesson plan will help you to learn how to make a proper lesson plan on any topic.

Science Lesson Plan PPT, PDF for B.Ed. / D.El.Ed.

Sample Science Lesson Plan PPT for B.Ed. & D.El.Ed. – Cells

In this post, you will learn how to make a lesson plan on any topic. I am going to explain this by taking an example of the Science Lesson Plan. This is just a sample lesson plan so that you can make other lesson plans on any topic you want after learning from this.

Sometimes you are asked to give a PowerPoint presentation of the lesson plan in your B.Ed. Institutions or colleges. This is a ready-made PowerPoint presentation of a Science Lesson Plan in PPT format. If you want a lesson plan for your PowerPoint presentation, then this is it. Otherwise, you can also submit this science lesson plan by writing it on paper.

Now, You will learn how to make a science proper lesson plan step by step. You can choose any topic or chapter from any class. There is no restriction for that. Here we will be making a lesson plan on “Cells”.

Science Lesson Plan on “Cells” – Powerpoint Presentation

As I above mentioned that I am going to share a ready-made Science Lesson Plan PPT. This lesson plan is for the PowerPoint Presentation in your B.Ed. college. The Topic of this science lesson plan is “CELLS & ITS TYPE” of class 8. Below you will see the embedded PPT file of the science lesson plan on cell. Click the download button to download the PPT file and customized it according to your needs.

To download the above file please click on the download button. Now, we will learn how to make a lesson plan step by taking the above example.

Steps To Make A Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on “Cells & Its Type”

Here you will be able to learn how to make a lesson plan on any topic with few simple steps. The procedure to make a lesson plan is pretty easy. But You have to choose proper Specific Objectives, General Objectives, Teaching points, Teaching Aids, and Learning Outcomes from each Teaching Point.

After reading the following science lesson plan you will get an idea of how to choose these points. The following Lesson plan is just the written version of the above Science Lesson Plan PPt on Cells.

Here are the basic steps to make a proper lesson plan on any subject.

  • Identification of Data
  • General Objectives
  • Secific objectives
  • Teaching Point
  • Teaching Aids
  • Presentation
  • Achieving Closure


1. Identification of Data:

  • Name of the School : Lakhimpur National Academy
  • Class : VIII (Eight)
  • Subject : Science
  • Name of the Lesson : Cells and its types.
  • Number of students : 26
  • Average age of the Students : 13+
  • Teachers Name : Dibyajyoti Saikia
  • Time : 45 minutes Date : 24/04/2019

2. General Objectives:

  • 1. The pupils will be able to recall different Science related terms, formulas, symbols, rules, principles, laws, etc.
  • 2. The pupils will be able to define different Science related l terms.
  • 3. The pupils will be able to develop a scientific attitude.
  • 4. The pupils will develop powers of thinking and reasoning.
  • 5. The pupils will develop a scientific and realistic attitude towards life.
  • 6.The pupils will be prepared for elementary as well as higher education in different branches of science, economics, engineering, etc.
  • 7. The pupils will develop an appreciation for the significance of the Scientific truth.

3. Specific Objectives:


  • (i) Pupil can define the terms like Cells etc.
  • (ii) Pupil can recall the terms like Cells, Organelles, etc.


  • (i) Pupils can explain about cells, types of cells.
  • (ii) Pupil can able to give Examples of Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.


  • (i) Pupil will be able to analyze the functions of Cells.


  • (i) Pupil can draw Cells and different organelles

4. Teaching Points:

  1. Define Cells
  2. Types of Cells
    • (i) Prokaryotic Cells
    • (ii) Eukaryotic Cells

5. Teaching Aids:

  • General teaching aids: Chalk, Black Board, Text Book, Duster etc.
  • Specific Teaching aids: Chart ( A Diagram of Cells)

6. Presentation:

In the presentation part of the lesson plan, you have to explain each teaching point briefly. Also, you have to mention the proper learning outcomes from each teaching point. Don’t forget to write the use micro-teaching skill used while teaching this topic.

Science Lesson Plan PPT
Presentation of Lesson Plan – Cells
Science Lesson Plan on Cells & Its Type

7. Achieving Closure:

In this part, you have to write homework or any other activities that the teacher will give after the completion of the lesson.

Achieving Closure – Lesson Plan on Cells & Its Type

As you can see that the format of this Science Lesson Plan is PPT is very different from the Micro lesson plan which is used in micro-teaching. Here we do not focus on the particular skills of micro-teaching unlike in micro-teaching lesson plans.

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