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Science Lesson Plan on Air Pollution for B.Ed. Students

Are you searching for a ready-made science lesson plan for your B.Ed practical files and practice teaching? In this post, I have given a complete lesson plan on the topic of Air Pollution for B.Ed. pursuing trainees or students.

Science Lesson Plan on Air Pollution for B.Ed. Students

Lesson Plan on Air Pollution for B.Ed. Science Method Paper

A lesson plan helps in teaching efficiently. It covers all the topics that a teacher needs to teach to children or students in a particular period. A lesson plan also helps you in going teaching in a systematic way according to the syllabus.

So, in your B.Ed. course, you must need to learn how to make a lesson plan on any topic from any subject. If you are facing difficulties in making a science lesson plan, I will teach you how to make a lesson plan for teaching purposes in this post.

To give you an idea of making a science lesson plan, I am using a sample lesson plan on Air Pollution which is taken from the NCERT book of Class 8 (Chapter: Aiir and Water Pollution). Below I am giving the handwritten version of this lesson plan.

Identification of Data:

Class: VIII
No. of Students:
Average Age: 13+
Time: 40 min
Subject: Science
Air Pollution
Science, NCERT
Teachers Name:

General and Specific Objectives:

General objectives of science are similar in every science lesson plan. So for general objectives of this lesson plan are given in the lesson plan on Plants.

Best Lesson plan on Air Pollution

Teaching Aids & Introduction:

NCERT Class 8 science Lesson Plan
Air & water Pollution chapter lesson plan

Presentation of The Lesson Plan on Air Pollution:

Closure or Conclusion:

I have given the complete lesson plan on this topic for a 40 – 35 min science class. I strongly recommend you only see the above images of this lesson plan without considering the headlines. I think this lesson plan will be very helpful for taking reference in making your own plan for teaching in school.

Air Pollution Lesson Plan PDF For B.Ed. Practical Files

The PDF version of the above lesson plan is given below for better understanding.


I hope this lesson plan will help in making your own lesson plan on the desired topics. I have also published more than 15 science lesson plans for B.Ed. in this website.

Also, please check the format of the lesson plan before including it in your B.Ed. practical files. The format might vary slightly with the format used in your institutions.

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