Science Digital Lesson Plan For B.Ed. [PPT Download]

In this article, you will have a complete science digital lesson plan for teaching Science. This digital lesson plan or PowerPoint presentation of the science lesson plan is specially made for those pursuing B.Ed. Also, you will have the PPT version of this ICT-based lesson plan of science.

Digital Lesson Plan for B.Ed. Students | ICT-Based Lesson Plan for Science

The usage of ICT-based and digital lesson plans has grown in importance when it comes to incorporating technology into education. The challenge facing educators in the digital age is to get pupils ready for a world dominated by technology. Digital lesson plans use a variety of digital tools and resources to involve students in the learning process. In contrast, ICT-based lesson plans make use of information and communication technologies to improve the learning experience.

To satisfy the varied requirements of 21st-century learners, educators must have a solid understanding of the concepts and best practices for developing ICT-based and digital lesson plans as classrooms change.

So, making a Digital Lesson Plan or ICT-based lesson plan is an integral part of a B.Ed. or teacher training course. To help you with this, here I have given a ready-made Science digital lesson plan or an ICT-based lesson plan for B.Ed. practical files.

ICT-Based Lesson Plan PPT on Sources of Energy – Class 10 Science

The details of this Science digital lesson plan are given below.

The topic of The Plan:Non-conventional Sources of Energy
Subject:Science, NCERT
Lesson Plan Type:Digital Lesson Plan or ICT-Based Lesson Plan

Specific Objective:


  • (a) The pupils will be able to name various sources of energy.
  • (b) The pupils will be able to name different non-conventional sources of energy.


  • (a) The pupils will be able to differentiate between conventional and non-conventional sources of energy.
  • (b) The pupils will be able to explain the advantages of using non-conventional sources of energy.

Teaching Aids:

  • General Aids: Chalk, Duster, Blackboard, Pointer, etc.

Teaching Points:

(a) Non-conventional sources of energy: Non-conventional sources are also known as renewable sources of energy.

(b) Different non-conventional sources of energy: Different non-conventional sources of energy are –

  • (i) Solar energy: Solar Energy is produced by sunlight. The photovoltaic cells are exposed to sunlight based on the form of electricity that needs to be produced.
  • (ii) Energy produced from the sea: Energy is generated by exploiting the tidal waves of the sea.
  • (iii) Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy is a type of renewable energy taken from the Earth’s core.
  • (iv) Nuclear Energy: Nuclear energy is a form of energy released from the nucleus, the core of atoms, made up of protons and neutrons.


A preview of the introduction part is given below. You will be able to see the actual version of the PPT of this lesson plan which is made on Sources of energy. You can also have a look at the Maths digital lesson plan on Heron’s Formula.

Sources of Energy Lesson Plan PPT

Presentation of The Digital Plan:

I have made more than 9 slides on the topic of Non-Conventional Sources of Energy from the chapter Sources of Energy of Class X. This digital lesson plan of science is made for a complete 45-minute class.

Non-Conventional Sources of Energy Digital Lesson Plan
Bio Mass PPT for B.Ed.
Wind Energy PPT

In this digital plan, I have only taken the topic “Non-conventional Sources of Energy” from chapter 14 of the Class 10 NCERT Science textbook. Since we can not complete the whole chapter in a single class, so I have picked only a single topic from this chapter.

Non-Conventional Sources of Energy, Science Chapter 10, Class 10 PPT Download

As I Have already mentioned, this lesson plan is specially made for B.Ed. students for their B.Ed. practical file. This science digital lesson plan on Sources of Energy will be very helpful for B.Ed. students for Science Method Paper during their teaching internship.

The PPT of the above ITC-based Digital Lesson Plan on Sources of Energy can be downloaded by clicking the download button given below.

If you want to make any changes according to your requirements, you can make the necessary changes in this digital lesson plan. However, the format of making an ICT-based Digital Lesson Plan might be different depending on your Teacher Training Institution.

Lastly, I hope this PPT on the topic of Sources of Energy (Non-conventional Sources of Energy) will be very helpful to you. This topic is taken from Chapter 14 of NCERT Science of class 10.

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