PDF – Science Lesson Plans for Micro-Teaching

Lesson plans are needed to practice teaching in your B.Ed. program. You have to make a lesson plan for each subject. In this post, I am going to provide science lesson plans for each skill of micro-teaching. From this, you will be able to make lesson plans on any skill of micro-teaching for science.

PDF - Science Lesson Plans for Micro-Teaching. Science Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed.

Ready-Made Micro Lesson Plans of Science for on Every Skill of Micro-Teaching

As you know, micro-teaching is practiced in all teacher training institutions. For that will need to make a lesson plan on each skill of micro-teaching for a particular subject. For example: If you are going to practice micro-teaching on science, then you have to make science lesson plans on each of the 10 major skills of micro-teaching.

Making a lesson plan is quite difficult sometimes. Especially, using the components of the skill difficult. For that, you should have the proper knowledge of that skill and its components. I have already published posts on how to use the components of the skill of micro-teaching. You can refer to our “Learn Micro-Teaching” category.

To help you making lesson plans, I have given the PDF of sample lesson plans for all skills of micro-teaching. But before that let’s have a quick look at the major skills of micro-teaching practiced in B.Ed. colleges.

Major Skills Practiced:

There ten major skills which are practiced in teacher training institutions during micro-teaching. These skills are listed below.

  1. The skill of writing instructional objectives in behavioral terms
  2. The skill of Introducing a Lesson
  3. The skill of Blackboard Writing
  4. The skill of Fluency in Questioning
  5. The skill of Probing Questioning
  6. The skill of Stimulus Variation
  7. Skill of Explaining
  8. The skill of demonstration9. Skill of reinforcement
  9. The skill of achieving closure

The purpose of each skill of micro-teaching is different. So, the format of the lesson plan for each skill also varies. Also, each skill has its own unique components which have to be used in our lesson plan. So, to get a better understanding of how to make lesson plans, I have provided you 10 ready-made micro lesson plan for science.

PDF – Science Lesson Plans For Micro-Teaching in B.Ed.

Since it is not possible to attach all the PDF files in a single post, so I have given you the link for each lesson plan. Please refer to the table and get your science for your desired skill.

Sl. No.Name of The SkillLink
1Writing Instructional
Objectives in
Behavioral Terms
2Introducing A LessonClick
3Blackboard WritingClick
4Fluency in QuestioningClick
5Probing QestioningClick
6Stimulus VariationClick
10Achieving ClosureClick
Science Lesson Plans for B.Ed.

Please don’t forget to match the format of these lesson plans with the format provided by your institution. There might be a slight difference between them. Change it if necessary. The use of the components is the same in every format, but there may be differences in making the table.

If you are pursuing B.Ed. course in Assam or any institution which are under Dibrugarh University, then these lesson plans will be perfect for you.

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