PDF – Mathematics Lesson Plans For Micro-Teaching

Are you trying to make a lesson plan for micro-teaching? Don’t worry I am here to help you. In this post, I am going to share pre-made mathematics micro lesson plans in PDF format for you. You will get a maths micro lesson plan for all 10 skills of micro-teaching practice in teacher training institutions.

PDF - Mathematics Lesson Plans For Micro-Teaching. free sample B.Ed. Micro-Teaching lesson Plan for Mtahs

Ready-Made Mathematics Micro Lesson Plan for All Skill

There are 10 major skills of micro-teaching practiced in teacher training institutions or B.Ed. colleges. For a particular subject like maths, you have to make a lesson plan for all of these skills to practice micro-teaching.

You will have to understand each and every concept of micro-teaching, its skills, and their component to properly make a micro lesson plan. I already have published posts on how to make lesson plans on these skills. You refer to the “Learn Micro-Teaching” category.

I this post, I will provide you some ready-made micro-teaching lesson plans of mathematics. You will get maths lesson plans for all major skills of micro-teaching. From this, you will be able to learn how to make proper lesson plans for mathematics on all major skills of micro-teaching.

10 Major Skills of micro-Teaching

There are 10 major skills of micro-teaching. These are given below.

  1. Skill of writing instructional objectives in behavioral terms
  2. Skill of Introducing a Lesson
  3. Skill of Blackboard Writing
  4. Skill of Fluency in Questioning
  5. Skill of Probing Questioning
  6. Skill of Stimulus Variation
  7. Skill of Explaining
  8. Skill of demonstration
  9. Skill of reinforcement
  10. Skill of achieving closure

You will get mathematics lesson plans for all of these in this post. The process of making a lesson plan is simple. The only thing you need to focus on is using the components of the skill. You have to use the components in the proper place of your lesson plan.

PDF – Sample Micro-Teaching Lesson Plans for Mathematics

Below I have given the list of micro-teaching lesson plans of mathematics for all skills of micro-teaching. Since it is difficult to attach all the PDF in one post, so I have given a separate link for each lesson plan. Refer to the table below and get whatever lesson plan you want on mathematics.

Sl. No.Name of The SkillLink
1Writing Instructional
Objectives in
Behavioural Terms
2Introducing A LessonClick
3Blackboard WritingClick
4Fluency in QuestioningClick
5Probing QuestioningClick
6Stimulus VariationClick
10Achieving ClosureClick
Maths Lesson Plan For All Skills

I hope you will get what you need. Please note that the format of these lesson plans might be slightly different from yours. So, match the format before your final submission. If you are pursuing B.Ed. in an institution in Assam or Under Dibrugarh University then these lesson plans will be perfect for you.

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