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Our School Magazine – 500+ Words Essay For School

School Magazine play a serious role in improving literary capacity of a student. Most of the school publishes their own school magazine every year. So, it became a common topic for every school examination, assignment, homework as an essay topic. Here is a brief essay on the topic “Our School Magazine” with a proper essay format. This will help students to learn how to write a essay and also getting maximum marks. I highly recommend this essay for SEBA (Assam Based School) curriculum students.

Our School Magazine - 500+ Words Essay For School

Brief Essay On The Topic – “Our School Magazine”


Nowadays, literary magazines have earned great popularity everywhere schools and colleges also bring out their own magazines. Our schools, too, have a magazine of its own.


The circulation of our school magazine is mainly limited among the teachers and the students and the office staff of our school. Every student has to pay a small subscription for his copy of the magazine. The magazine is managed and edited by an editorial committee. The committee consists of the teacher-in-charge of the magazine, a few teachers with literary aptitudes, the editor himself, and a few other students. The secretary of the literary and magazine section who is elected by the students is the editor of the magazine. Only students of Class IX and X can contest for this post. But even then, the editor is always guided by the teacher-in-charge.

Edition and Publication of Our School Magazine:

Our school magazine contains, only articles, stories, and poems, etc. written by the teachers and the students, of our school. However, now and then, it also publishes writings invited from eminent outside writers. The students send their writings to the editor. The editor then shows them to the teacher-in-charge and other members of the editorial committee. The committee selects the good articles, stories, and poems makes the necessary corrections, and sends them to the press. Sometimes it also replaces unsuitable titles with suitable ones. A local press, set up by a young man on loan from the Government prints our magazine. Though the manager and the printers try their best to print it as neatly and flawlessly as possible, some faults still remain, especially in printing photographs. But we all excuse them because the press is a new one and the manager and the printers, are very honest and sincere.

The usefulness of Our School Magazine:

We all highly cherish our school magazine, because it is only school magazines that encourage the little ones by printing their writings. Nobody can become a good writer overnight. Practice one makes a man perfect. There is a proverb in Assamese, namely “Jui Shaalot gorhilehe komar shaalot gorhibo paari”. This means that a man can work at the blacksmith’s furnace and acquire his craft only by learning to sit and work near the household fire. For students like us, our school magazine is our ”jui shaal”.

As young people, we are very eager to see our writings and names in print. Naturally, we try hard to write well. In doing so, we have to read a number of books. Thus our knowledge increases. At the same time, we also feel encouraged to see the photographs of our best students in various fields printed in our school magazine and try to emulate them. Thus our school magazine is a great joy and inspiration to us all. However, I am sorry to mention that now and then, here, and there, a student or two indulge in plagiarism (literary theft). They steal writings of eminent writers from pages of old books and magazines and try to pass them on in their own names. However, when detected, such students are mildly scolded by the teacher-in-charge. This does them good because they learn a lesson and swear never to do so in the future.

Features other than literary writings:

Besides literary writings, our school magazine also publishes the annual reports of the different sectional secretaries of the students’ union. It also publishes a group photograph of all the teachers and another of the office bearers of the students’ union.


I am glad to conclude that several currently eminent writers of our state were students of our school and had first practiced their hands in writing through our school magazine. I wish our magazine all the best and look forward to becoming a noted writer in time.

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