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On The Face Of It – Extra Questions & Answers for AHSEC

Extra questions and answers from the chapter ‘On The Face of It’ for the AHSEC (SEBA H.S. 2nd Year) English examination. These questions and answers from on the face of it will be really helpful to those students who will appear AHSEC examination. There are a total of eight questions from the chapter ‘On the face of it’ from HS class 12 supplementary reader (rapid reader) book. we are giving you both short answer and long answer type questions.

On The Face Of It - Extra Questions & Answers for SEBA

Question Bank For The Chapter ‘On The Face Of It’ For AHSEC H.S. Class 12

The questions are divided into two sections. Section I contains short answer type questions and section II contains long answer type questions.


Answer the following questions: (2 marks each)

(a). Why and how did Derry enter Mr. Lamb’s garden?

Ans: A fourteen-year-old boy Derry entered Mr. Lamb’s garden by climbing the garden wall. He thought that it was an empty place and didn’t know if anybody was living there, indeed an empty garden with an empty house. Apart from this Derry disliked people and always wanted to stay away from them. So when he looked over the wall he thought the garden appeared to be quite a suitable place for him and he entered.

(b). Why aren’t there any curtains at the windows of Mr. Lamb’s house?

Ans: There are not any curtains at the windows of Mr. Lamb because he is not fond of curtains. He does not like shutting things out, shutting thins in. He likes the light and the darkness. He always keeps the windows open to hear the wind.

(c). Why does Derry go back to Mr. Lamb’s garden?

Ans: Mr. Lamb has taught Derry the most important lesson of life. He has actually made turn start living his life on his own and care not about his burned face. A long conversation between them has open Derry’s eyes. He learns that things are the same and still different. Mr. Lamb says things nobody else has ever said. Moreover, he has promised Mr. lamb to come back to him. He wants to prove that he has fulfilled his promise. So he goes back to meet Mr. Lamb again in his garden.

(d). How do people comment so painfully about Derry’s face? And why?

Ans: Actually, one side of Derry’s face was totally burnt. He got acid all down that side of his face and acid burned it all the way. People comment very cruelly like: ‘That’s bad. That’s a terrible thing. That’s the ugliest thing I ever saw.” They call him ‘poor’ but he feels he is not poor. However, he gets afraid of himself when he looks in the mirror.

(e). What is meant by ‘Handsome is as handsome does’?

Ans: The phrase: ‘Handsome is as handsome does’ refers the meaning that a handsome or a beautiful thing or person can make the other thing or serson handsome or beautiful. Derry explains that the beauty loved the monstrous beast for himself and when she kissed him he changed into a handsome prince. Without beauty the beast remained the same.

(f). What does Mr. Lamb do that seems ‘peculiar to Derry’?

Ans: Mr. Lamb an old man living a lonely life in his garden. He has a tin leg. The real one lost many years before in a bomb blast in a war. He asks many questions that seem peculiar to Derry. Derry doesn’t understand his questions. Moreover, Derry finds Mr. Lamb says peculiar things such as his stories, experiences of life, etc.

On The Face Of It Long Answers Type Question For AHSEC


Answer the following questions – (Q1 – Q2: 7 Marks Each)

(1). ‘Though both Mr. Lamb and Derry suffer from a physical disability, their attitude to life is different.’ Justify the relevance of this statement with reference to the story, ‘On the Face of It’.

Ans: Both Mr. Lamb and Derry are physically handicapped. The play ‘On the Face Of It’ describes Derry’s physical disability and the consequential feeling of loneliness, social humiliation, frustration, sadness, and depression. The play indirectly refers to this aspect of life in the case of Lamb who may have undergone similar types of emotional sufferings. Derry’s main problem is his burnt face. One side of his face was burnt up by acid. He suffers from a tremendous sense of inferiority Complex. He is always conscious that his face is bad, terrible ard the ugliest thing. People are afraid of him. He tries to escape people. He allows himself to be alienated from the world. He is withdrawn and defiant. He doesn’t trust people. He is touchy and hyper-sensitive.

On the other hand, Mr. Lamb an open-minded person doesn’t allow his physical disability to come in his way. He accepts life as it comes. He has a positive attitude towards life, things, and people. He does not comfortable in escapism. Children tease him by calling Lamy Lamb, but he doesn’t mind it. One of his legs was blown off in the war. But he is full of life and enjoys it at his best. He enjoys sitting in the sun reading books and growing weeds and flowers in his garden. He loves everybody and everything.

Hence the above statements show that though both Mr. Lamb and Derry suffer from a physical disability, but their attitude to life is very different.

(2). What are the different ways in which Mr. Lamb tries to change Derry’s attitude to life?

Ans: ‘On the Face of it’ is a virtual lesson for the physically handicapped in how they should live their lives. The life of such people characterized by loneliness, neglect, disgrace, public humiliation, and frustration like Derry’s life. Derry undergoes terrible emotional experiences caused by his burned face. People commented on his face cruelly. So he suffers.

When he met Mr. Lamb in his garden, which was the turning point in his life. Mr. Lamb is another physically handicapped person who lost one of his legs many years back in a bomb blast in the war. Derry’s meeting with him in the garden proved as a savoring for Derry. Lamb tells him many things to change Derry’s attitude to life like: he should not mind the public comments on his burned face. Everything is the same and yet different.

All things God created should be of interest to him. He must socialize. He shouldn’t lock himself in a room. He should not hate anyone. He should not mind what his mother says He has a tongue, a brain, arms, legs. Actually, Mr. Lamb by his peculiar questions and stimulating answers teaches Derry how he should live his life. This has a magical effect on Derry. He comes to Lamb though his mother prohibited him. Lamb by his own life has proved a pathfinder for him too. Derry stands changed as he. Derry learns a new lesson of life from Mr. Lamb.

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