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My Hobby – An Essay In 500 Words For Students

Every person on earth has a hobby. Some people get enough time to enjoy their hobby and some people not. But, writing an essay on “My Hobby” is very common in every school. So here are the step by step guide on “How to write an essay on My Hobby. Students will learn the proper writing of an essay from this. Here we have provided a “My Hobby” essay which is based on gardening in more than 500 words.

My Hobby - An Essay In 500 Words For Students

How To Write an Essay On “My Hobby”?

In this essay, we are following the proper format of writing an essay so that students can bring full marks in their examination. This essay includes the following topics –

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Various kinds of hobbies
  • My hobby (student’s hobby)
  • Conclusion of the essay


A hobby is something pursued in leisure time for amusement. It is an occupation outside one’s regular work. Routine work often turns out to be dull and monotonous and hobbies provide the relaxation necessary for removing the monotony and boredom of one’s life. Although pleasure and profit may go together in respect of some hobbies, a hobby is generally pursued pleasure and not for profit.

Kinds of Hobbies:

Likes and dislikes may differ from person to person, as we say ‘Many a man, many a mind’. Different people may pursue different hobbies. Most people find gardening an absorbing hobby. It is a particularly good hobby for those involved in mental labor. Sports and games are also popular hobbies; some would go swimming every morning; some would rush off to football or tennis grounds as soon as they reach home in the afternoon. People with an artistic bent of mind would find relaxation in singing, painting, or sculpturing. For a good number of people, reading, particularly reading novels and stories, makes a delightful hobby. Photography, stamp collecting, autograph hunting, fishing, bird watching, etc. are other kinds of hobbies that people pursue.

My Hobby

I have always found gardening a fascinating experience. To watch plants grow leaf by leaf and branch by branch till they flower or bear fruit is indeed a delightful experience. Gardening requires some amount of physical labour. I prefer to put in this labour myself tilling the small plot of land in front of our house. However, I get other people, particularly my father, to help me occasionally in preparing the beds for vegetables and flowers as well as in watering the plants. My physical labour keeps me healthy and the recreation I enjoy through gardening keeps me cheerful. Thus gardening serves as a double-edged weapon with which I can fight ill health and mental tension at the same time.

There is a third dimension of my hobby It brings some amount of relief to the hard-pressed economy of our family. At a time when prices of vegetables are rising day by day in the market, the potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, brinjals, cucumbers, and varieties of leafy vegetables grown in my garden are not only more nutritious but help my father save quite some money. My heart leaps up when I find the varieties of flowers in my garden blossoming with “the glory and freshness of a dream”. There are, however, not many fruit trees in my garden. Fruit gardens require bigger plots of land which we do not have. The only fruits grown in my garden are bananas and pineapples.


I have only one thing to say about my hobby. I have to spend more than one hour in the morning and at least one hour in the afternoon every day in my garden. To spend more than one hour in the garden in the morning is to lose valuable time for studies. But, usually, I make it up by rising very early. I do not know how poets worship Nature but gardening is my way of admiring the wonder and splendor of Nature.

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