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My Daily Life – A Girl’s Daily Life In A Town Essay

We have published an essay on a boy’s daily life. But, a girl’s life is entirely different from the life of a boy. So, we have published this essay on a girl’s daily life. This essay is based on “A Girls daily Life In A Town”. Here is an essay on the topic “My Daily Life” for girls. the students will be able to learn to writes an essay on their own life after learning from this essay. We follow the proper format of essay writing.

My Daily Life - A Girl’s Daily Life In A Town Essay

A Girls Daily Life In a Town – My Daily Life Essay For Girls

This essay is similar to our previous essay which is based on “A Boy’s Daily Life In a Village”. So, we are excluding the some parts which you can write from there by visiting the link given in the post. This essay includes the following sub topics –

  • Introduction to the essay
  • A girl’s life in the school
  • A girl’s life in the afternoon and evening
  • Conclusion of the essay

Introduction :

( As in the previous essay on boy’s daily life. Please refer to this link – Click)

My Life in the Morning:

My day begins pretty early in the morning. I remember did not like to get up early some years ago. But ever since my father bought an alarm clock, I had to bid good-bye, to the extra dose of sleep in the morning. Now it has become a habit. for all the members of our family to get up early. Every morning I go out for an hour’s walk with my brother and sister. A few friends from the neighborhood join us regularly for the walk. As soon as I get back home, I have to help my mother in the kitchen. Frankly speaking, I do not always enjoy my work in the kitchen. But being the eldest daughter of my parents, I can hardly refuse to help my mother. Occasionally, I lend a helping hand in watering the plants in our small garden. After an early breakfast, I study for nearly two hours. It is then time for a bath and a brunch, as we call it, and soon I am off to school. As the school is not far away from our house, I prefer to walk the distance along with some other girls in our neighborhood.

My Life in the School:

[ Almost the-same as in the previous essay on a boy’s daily life in the village. The names of the games played after school hours may be changed, if necessary ]

My Daily Life In The Afternoon and Evening:

The later afternoons and the early evenings of my days are generally spent in artistic pursuits. On four days during the week, I attend a Music school and on Sundays, I attend a Dance school. While I have achieved some amount of success in music, I have never been able to devote myself whole-heartedly to the art of dancing. I spend a good part of my evening In rehearsing my music lessons. The rest of the evening is a mixture of household chores and studies for me. Sometimes I feel irritated that I have to leave my desk to make tea for visitors. But how could I possibly avoid these chores when there is no servant in the household to help my mother? Of Late, I have added one more item to the list of things I do in the evening Our next-door neighbour has bought a television and I watch interesting programmes now and then. I go to bed at 10 p. m. and sleep for nearly seven hours.


So this is how I have been passing my days for the last few years. Apparently, it has all been a monotonous affair. However, I am a firm believer in Milton’s words that the mind can make a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell. Probably, my life has been neither a heaven nor a hell. But, I have always tried to make the best use of my life from day to day so that there may at least be touches of heaven here and there.

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