Micro Lesson Plan on Skill of Reinforcement in Maths

Micro-Teaching lesson plans aren’t easy to make. Don’t worry I am going to help you this time. I this post, I am going to teach you how to make a Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan on the Skill of Reinforcement in Maths. I will also provide you a sample mathematics micro plan for this skill.

Micro Lesson Plan on Skill of Reinforcement in Maths - Mathematics Micro-Teaching Plan for B.Ed.

How to Make Micro Lesson Plan On Skill of Reinforcement in Maths?

The skill of Reinforcement is one of the major skills of micro-teaching. So, for your micro-teaching, you will need to make a micro plan on this skill for the subject you are going to teach. This skill basically about asking questions.

In this post, I will teach you to make a proper micro lesson plan on the skill of reinforcement in maths for micro-teaching. I will provide you sample reinforcement questions in my micro lesson plan on this skill. From this, you will be able to make a micro-lesson plan on the skill of reinforcement for any subject.

Before you start making any micro-teaching plan, I suggest you study thoroughly about that particular skill. In this case, you should have proper knowledge about the skill of reinforcement and its components. Because the main difficulty we faced while making a micro plan in using components of the skill in the proper place.

So, to make a proper micro-teaching lesson plan on reinforcement for mathematics you have to understand its components first. You can refer to our post on how to use the components of reinforcement.

Components of the Skill:

There are 10 components of this skill. These are

  1. Positive verbal Reinforcement
  2. Extra verbal cues
  3. Non-verbal cues
  4. Writing pupils’ answer on the blackboard
  5. Proximity Reinforcement
  6. Contact Reinforcement
  7. Token Reinforcement
  8. Negative verbal reinforcement
  9. Negative Non-verbal Reinforcement
  10. No reinforcement

Sample Questions and Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan of Mathematics For Reinforcement

This sample lesson plan for the skill of reinforcement in maths is on the topic – “Triangle” from class VII. But you can choose any topic of mathematics to practice this skill of micro-teaching.

Below you will see the attached PDF file of the sample mathematics micro lesson plan for the skill of reinforcement.


You can use any questions for reinforcement. But remember not to include long answer-type questions and also choose good questions for token reinforcement. Otherwise, you can use any questions. For better understanding you can refer to the sample questions we are using in our micro lesson plan of maths for reinforcement.

Please note that the format of this lesson plan of maths on the skill of reinforcement might be slightly different from yours. So, compare the format before your final submission. If you are doing B.Ed. under Dibrugarh University, then this micro lesson plan will be perfect for you.

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