Maths Digital Lesson Plan on Lines & Angles for B.Ed.

PowerPoint Presentation is an integral part of a Digital Classroom. To Visualize concepts better, and to make it engaging for students PowerPoint presentations help a lot. So, here in this article, you will have a ready-made maths digital lesson plan on the topic of Lines and Angles for Teaching Mathematics digitally.

This is an ICT-based lesson plan which is specially made for B.Ed. pursuing students for their practical files. If you are a B.Ed. students, you will be able to submit this math digital lesson plan in your B.Ed. practical files.

Mathematics PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) | Maths Digital Lesson Plan for B.ed Students

Maths Digital Lesson Plan on Lines & Angles for B.Ed.

The discipline of mathematics demands a great deal of experience and conceptual understanding. The introduction of digital classrooms has improved the interaction and engagement of mathematical instruction. Students have access to a variety of resources in digital classrooms, such as interactive tools, simulations, and films, which can improve their understanding of mathematical ideas.

So, as a B.Ed. pursuing students you have to learn how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on any topic. So, during your teaching training period, you will be asked to prepare a digital lesson plan for ICT-based teaching.

To help you with this, Here I have provided a sample maths digital lesson plan for ICT-based teaching which will be very helpful for any b.ed. pursuing students. This article will give you a step-by-step idea of how you can prepare an effective PowerPoint Presentation for mathematics teaching.

Digital Lesson Plan on Lines and Angles | Class 9, Mathematics NCERT Chapter 6

The details of the digital lesson plan are given below.

Lesson Plan TypeDigital Lesson Plan (PPT) / ICT-Based Lesson Plan
TopicLines and Angles
ClassIX (nine)
TextbookMathematics, NCERT

Objectives of The Maths Digital Lesson Plan on Lines and Angles

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to –

  • Define the straight line.
  • Properties of straight lines.
  • Define the term line segment.
  • Define and name the type of angles.


  • Definition of Lines
  • Straight Lines
  • Properties of Straight Lines
  • Line Segment
  • Definition of Angles
  • Types of Angles

Overview of The Digital Lesson Plan

The overview of this math digital lesson plan is given below. You will be able to get an idea of this lesson plan. This ICT-based math lesson plan or this maths lesson plan PPT contains a total of 18 slides.

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Lines and Angles Digital Plan
ICT-Based Lesson Plan on Maths
Math Lesson Plan PPT Download
Lines and Angles Class 9 Lesson Plan PPT

Here I have published only a few slides of the stated digital plan. However, you will see the original version of this digital plan by clicking the download button given below.

Class 9 Lines and Angle Lesson Plan PPT Download

The link for the PPT of the above file is given below. You will be able to Download the PPT of the digital lesson plan of mathematics on Lines and Angles class 9, Chapter 6.

Please note that the format of this math digital plan PPT might be different from the format used in your Teacher Training Institution. So, make the necessary changes wherever needed to meet the requirements demanded by your college.

I hope this PPT on Lines and Angles will help you in your B.Ed. course for completing the B.Ed. practical file.

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