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Mathematics Skill of Demonstration Micro Lesson Plan

Learning Micro-Teaching is very important to you if you are pursuing B.Ed. course. In every Teacher Training institution, Micro-Teaching is practiced. But you start practicing you will have to learn about micro-teaching, how to make micro lesson plans for micro-teaching. Here in this post, I am giving you a sample micro-teaching lesson plan for the Skill of Demonstration in Mathematics. From this mathematics micro lesson plan for demonstration, you will be able to make your own plan for any subject on this skill.

Mathematics Skill of Demonstration Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed.

How to Make a Lesson Plan For Skill of Demonstration in Mathematics?

Before you start making any micro lesson plan you have to know the meaning, objectives, and importance of micro-teaching. We have already provided a post explaining micro-teaching. There are 10 major skills of micro-teaching practiced in B.Ed. colleges. Basically, Micro-Teaching is practiced in the third semester of B.Ed. course.

The skill of Demonstration is one of the major skills of micro-teaching. Every skill has its own components. Without understanding these components of skill thoroughly, you will not be able to make a proper lesson plan for that particular skill. Therefore before we start our micro-lesson plan of mathematics for the skill of demonstration, we need to know its components.

Components of The Skill of Demonstration:

There are seven components of skill of demonstration. These are –

  • 1. Relevant to Topic, Concept, Idea, and Teaching Point
  • 2. Creation of Appropriate Situation
  • 3. Adequacy of Manipulative Skills
  • 4. Appropriateness
  • 5. Pupils Involvement
  • 6. Generalization
  • 7. Approach

We have already published a post explaining its components. You can refer to this post on the explanation of skill of demonstration to get a better understanding of these components.

Note that you have to include every component of the skill of demonstration in your mathematics micro plan. Misplacing the components in your lesson plan may lead your micro-teaching plan to get rejected.

Steps of Making Maths Micro Lesson Plan for Demonstration

To make a micro-teaching lesson plan for this skill you will need to follow these steps. At first, choose a good topic that can be explained by demonstration. All topics cannot be demonstrated. You have to keep that in mind. Here we choosing the “SAS congruence rule” for the mathematics demonstration in micro-teaching.

You have to follow these steps for a proper maths micro lesson plan for the skill of demonstration:

  • Identification of Data (Topic, Class, Subject, Teacher name, Time, Date)
  • Write the teaching point (your topic)
  • Write teaching Aids. (general teaching aids and specific teaching aids)
  • Make a table with four-column and write steps, teacher’s activities, pupils’ activities, and components of the skill.
  • In the ‘steps’ sections write Introduction, Development, and Conclusion.

For better understanding please refer to our sample micro lesson plan for the skill of demonstration in mathematics.

Sample Mathematics Lesson Plan for the Skill of DemonstrationPDF

This sample micro lesson plan is on the Topic “SAS Congruence Rule” from class 7. This is just a model micro plan of mathematics, you can choose your topic for your micro-teaching. Below you will get the attached PDF file of this lesson plan.


This is a three-page PDF file. To view other pages click on the attached PDF file. You will see the page up and down button on the left bottom corner.

Please note that this micro-teaching lesson plan is based on the format used in B.Ed. colleges under Dibrugarh University. So, there might be a slight difference in the micro plan from yours. I highly suggest you for ensuring the format before final your final submission of this lesson plan.

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