Mathematics Probing Questioning Micro Lesson Plan

Facing difficulties in making a micro lesson plan on the skill of probing in question? Don’t worry we are here to help you. Micro-teaching is a very important part of B.Ed. course. Making a micro-teaching lesson plan is not an easy task. Here in this post, we will provide a model micro lesson plan on the skill of probing in questioning for mathematics in PDF format. We hope this post will help you in making your own lesson plan for micro-teaching.

Probing in Questioning in Mathematics Micro Lesson Plan for B. Ed.

The Skill of Probing Questioning in Mathematics Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan for B.Ed.

The basic objective of microteaching is to make teacher education programs scientific, effective, and meaningful. So micro-teaching is practiced in every teacher training institution or B.Ed. colleges. It is practiced in the 3rd semester in B.Ed. colleges which are under Dibrugarh University.

There are 10 major skills of micro-teaching practiced in teacher training institutions. The skill of probing in question is one of them. Here in this post, we will only learn how to make a micro lesson plan on the skill of probing in questioning in Mathematics.

Remember that to make a lesson plan on any particular skill you should have the knowledge of that skill. You have to understand each and every component of that skill properly. Otherwise, your lesson plan may not be 100% correct. It is because while making any lesson plan, you have to include all the components in your lesson plan in the proper place. So, to make a lesson plan on the skill of probing in the questioning we need to know the components of probing in questioning.

Components of The Skill of Probing Questioning in Micro-Teaching

There are 5 components of the skill of probing in questioning which you will have to include in your micro lesson plan. These are as follows:

  1. Prompting
  2. Redirecting
  3. Refocusing
  4. Seeking further information
  5. Questions aimed at critical awareness & evaluation

Remember that only mentioning these components in your micro-teaching lesson plan of mathematics on the skill of probing in questioning is not enough. You will need to perform micro-teaching keeping these components in mind.

We hope you will learn the use these components in your maths micro lesson plan from this post.

PDF of Model Micro Lesson Plan of Mathematics for B.Ed.

This micro lesson plan of mathematics is on the topic “Polynomial” of class 9. You can choose any topic from any class. There is no limitation to this. But my suggestion is to choose a moderate-level topic so that it will be easy for everyone to answer.

Below you can see the attached PDF of the model micro lesson plan of mathematics skill of probing in questioning. This is a 3 pages PDF file. You can click on the PDF file to view the up and down button.


Please note that this mathematics micro lesson plan is based on the format provided by teacher training institutions of Dibrugarh University. There might be a slight difference in the format with the format provided by your institution. So, please ensure before your final submission.

Currently, the PDF downloading option is not available to protect our content from piracy. But in the future, we are looking forward to making it available to download for free. For further quarry please drop your comment.

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