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Mathematics Lesson Plan PPT, PDF for B.Ed.

If you don’t have enough time to make a mathematics lesson plan PPT, then you have come to the right place. Learning to make lesson plans is very important in B.Ed. or D.El.Ed. course. In this post, you are going to learn how to make a lesson plan for mathematics. You will get the PPT of a maths lesson plan.

Mathematics Lesson Plan PPT, PDF for B.Ed.

PPT, PDF – Mathematics Lesson Plan for B.Ed. and D.El.Ed.

On our website, we have already published various lesson plans on every skill for micro-teaching. You will find the micro-teaching lesson plan for science and maths on our website on every skill of microteaching. This mathematics lesson plan PPT is for the PowerPoint presentation in your B.Ed. or D.El.Ed. college or institutions.

The format of these lesson plans is not similar to the format of micro-teaching lesson plans. In micro-teaching, we make lesson plans for every skill separately. But this is not the case in a general lesson plan. Here you have to include all the teaching skills in a single lesson plan.

This sample/ready-made maths lesson plan PPT will help you to better understanding how to make a lesson plan for any subject. This is a complete lesson plan for the chapter “Triangle” of class 7. You will also get the PDF version of this maths lesson plan.

Mathematics Lesson Plan on Triangle For B.Ed. & D.El.Ed.

Now I will show the steps for making a proper lesson plan. This mathematic lesson plan is on the topic “Triangle”. To give a presentation you can any topic from any class. This is just an example of a maths lesson plan. If you don’t have enough time you can use this ready-made mathematics lesson plan.

Steps to Make a Maths Lesson Plan:

You have to follow the following steps to make a lesson plan for any subject for B.Ed.

  • Identification of Data
  • Write General Objectives
  • Write Specefic Objectives
  • Note Down Teaching Point
  • Presentaion
  • Achieving Closure

Please refer to the following attached PPT of the lesson plan of Mathematics. Otherwise, you can also refer to our post to see the overview of the maths lesson plan.

How to Make a Lesson Plan?

After reading and understanding the following lesson plan you will be able to make a lesson plan for any subject. You will make this maths lesson plan by following the above steps.

Lesson Plan – Mathematics (Triangle)

Identification of Data:

  • Name of the School : …………..
  • Class : VII (Seven)
  • Subject : Mathematics
  • Name of the Lesson : Triangles and its types.
  • Number of students : …….
  • Average age of the Students : …..
  • Teachers Name : …………………
  • Time : 40 minutes
  • Date : …………….

General Objectives:

  1. The pupils will be able to recall different Mathematics related terms, formulas, symbols, rules, principles, laws, etc.
  2. The pupils will be able to define different Mathematics related terms.
  3. The pupils will be able to develop a scientific attitude.
  4. The pupils will develop powers of thinking and reasoning.
  5. The pupils will develop a scientific and realistic attitude towards life.
  6. The pupils will be prepared for elementary as well as higher education in different branches of science, economics, engineering, etc.
  7. The pupils will develop an appreciation for the significance of the Scientific truth.

Specific Objectives:


  • (i) Pupil can define the terms like Triangles, Isosceles triangles, etc.
  • (ii) Pupil can recall the terms like Triangles, Angles, etc.


  • (i) Pupil can explain Triangles, types of triangles.
  • (ii) Pupil can able to give Examples of different types of triangles.


  • (i) Pupil will able to analyse the structure of different types of Triangles.


  • (i) Pupil can able to draw different types of triangles.

Teaching Point:

  1. Definition of Triangles
  2. Types of triangles
    • (i) Based on the Sides
    • (ii) Based on the angles

Presentation and Achieving Closure:

For the presentation and Achieving closure please refer to the PPT or PDF file of the Mathematics Lesson Plan.


From this, you will learn the basic structure to make a lesson plan for any subject. As you can see I a using every skill of micro-teaching in this mathematics lesson plan. At first, you will need to point out the teaching point and then write the learning outcomes from that teaching point. Use microteaching skills wherever it is necessary and applicable.

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