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Lesson Plan on Combustion PDF for B.Ed./D.El.Ed.

If you are facing difficulties in making a science lesson plan, then I might help you. You are in the very right place. Here, in this post, I have published a ready-made lesson plan on Combustion for Science Subject. If you are pursuing B.Ed. and getting difficulties in making a lesson plan, this post will surely help you.

Lesson Plan on Combustion PDF for B.Ed./D.El.Ed.

Class 8 Combustion and Flame Lesson Plan for B.Ed. Students

If you are pursuing B.Ed., then you know how important it is to learn to make lesson plans on any topic from any subject. Whether you are a Science or Arts or Commerce student and pursuing B.Ed. you will need to make lesson plans for your respective method paper.

Here in this post, I have published a lesson plan on Combustion for B.Ed. pursuing students or trainees. This lesson plan is made by a B.Ed. pursuing trainee for their practice teaching session. So, this lesson plan will be very helpful in making your own lesson plan on your desired topic.

Also, if you are a science teacher and need a ready-made lesson plan on the topic Combustion for teaching science, then this lesson plan will also help you. The topic “Combustion” is taken from the NCERT class 8 book, combustion and flame chapter. Understanding this lesson plan will give you an idea for preparing your own lesson plan.

Identification of Data:

No. of Students:
Average Age:
Time: 40 min
Subject: Science
Topic: Combustion
Textbook: Science, NCERT
Teachers Name:

General Objectives:

General Objectives of science are given in the lesson plan on Plants (Getting to Know Plants).

Special Objectives:


  • (i) The students will be able to define combustion and explosion.
  • (ii) The students will be able to define the term ignition temperature.
  • (iii) The students will be able to recall the burning of a candle.


  • (i) The students will be able to explain the different types of combustion.
  • (ii) The students will be able to give examples of rapid and spontaneous combustion.
  • (ii) The students will be able to differentiate between rapid and spontaneous combustion.


  • (i) The students will be able to find out whether a substance is combustible or non-combustible.
  • (ii) Pupils will be able to identify the examples of explosions if a set of examples are given.

Teaching Aids:

  1. General teaching Aids: Chalk, BlackBoard, Textbook, Duster, etc.


StepsTeacher’s ActivitiesPupils’ Activities
After Entering the classroom (virtual) the teacher will ask the students to mute themselves and turn the videos on and also greet them.        
Then, to introduce the topic, the teacher will ask the following questions:  
1. Name a fuel used in our home?
2. What fuels are used for running automobiles?
3. What is the difference between the burning of a candle and the burning of fuel like coal?
The pupils will turn on their videos and greet the teacher.    

Pupils will try to give answers.

Announcement of the Topic:

After getting the expected responses the teacher will say that – a candle burns with a flame whereas coal does not. Similarly, you will find many other materials burning without a flame. So, today we shall learn about the chemical process of burning which is combustion.  The teacher will announce the topic and write it down on the blackboard (Virtual).


The teacher will ask the students to note down the topic.

Presentation of The Lesson Plan on Combustion:

combustion and Flame lesson plan -- Class 8 NCERT
Class 8 Science Chapter 6 Lesson Plan


Lesson Plan on Combustion Free PDF – Science Method Paper

For your convenience, I have also attached the PDF of this lesson plan on Combustion in this post. You will see the PDF below. This PDF has seven pages in it. You will be able to study and understand the complete lesson plan in this PDF itself.


I hope my lesson plan will help you in making your own lesson plan for peer teaching or practice teaching. Also, If you are B.Ed. or D.El.Ed. pursuing students or trainees you will be able to include this lesson plan in your practical Files too.

It is to be noted that, the format of this lesson plan may not be 100% similar to the format prescribed by your institution. But this post will help you to understand how to properly plan a lesson before the class.

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