Lesson Plan on Combustion & Flames for B.Ed.

Are you searching for a Science Lesson Plan on Combustion and Flames? In this post, I am giving you a lesson plan on the topic of flames of Science subject for your B.Ed. practice teaching or peer teaching. This is a complete lesson plan and it is ready to use for teaching purposes by B.Ed. trainee or by any teacher.

Lesson plan on Combustion and Flames class 8

Lesson Plan on Flames For B.Ed. Practice Teaching/Peer Teaching

Making or preparing a lesson plan for teaching in any class is not an easy task. You will have to study thoroughly all the dimensions of the topic to be taught. So, to help you with this, I have given a science lesson plan on flames. Since this is a complete lesson plan, you will need not make any changes for teaching this topic.

The topic of this science lesson plan which is on flames is taken from the NCERT book of class VIII from the chapter “Combustion and Flames”. So, you will be able to use this lesson plan on combustion and flames for teaching science in class 8. Whether you are a B.Ed. trainee or you are a teacher, this lesson plan will help you.

Lesson Plan on The Topic Flames – Class 8 Combustion & Flames NCERT

The complete lesson plan of science on the topic of Combustion and Flames is given below. Since this lesson plan is for the 40-45 min class, this lesson plan is only for the topic flames.

Specification of Data:

Class: VIII
No. of Students:
Average Age: 13+
Time: 40 min
Subject: Science
Topic: Flames
Textbook: Science
Teachers Name:

General Objectives:

General objectives of science are almost similar in every lesson plan. For the general objectives of this lesson plan on flames, I advise you to visit the lesson plan on plants.

Special Objectives:


  • The students will be able to define the term fuel, ideal fuel, calorific value, etc.
  • The students will be able to name the unit of calorific value.
  • The students will be able to name the different zone of the candle flame.


  • The students will be able to explain how burning fuel leads to harmful products.
  • The students will be able to explain the cause of acid rain.


  • The students will be able to identify the different zone of candle flame in real life.


  • Pupils will be able to draw a diagram showing different zone of the candle flame.

Teaching Aids:

  1. General Teaching Aids: Chalk, BlackBoard, Textbook, Duster, etc.


StepsTeacher’s ActivitiesPupils’ Activities
Entering the classroom with a smiling face, the teacher will re-arrange the classroom if necessary. To introduce the day’s lesson, the teacher will ask the following questions –  

1. What is produced when we burn something?
2. What is called the glowing body produce during a fire?
3. What is the color of a candle flame?  
The pupils will turn on their videos and greet the teacher.    

Pupils will try to give answers.

Announcement of the Topic:

After getting the expected responses the teacher will say that – While we burn something it produces a glowing body that gives us heat and light. This called. You might have observed that the color of flames is different in different situations. To understand it better, today we shall learn about flames. The teacher will announce the topic and write it down on the blackboard.


The teacher will ask the students to note down the topic.


Presentation of the topic Combustion and Flames
Lesson plan on Combustion and Flames


StepsTeacher’s ActivitiesPupils Activities

The teacher will consolidate the main points with the students and will write the following question on the blackboard as their homework and will ask the students to note it down.  
Q1. Draw a diagram to show the different zone candle flames.  
Q2. Explain the cause of acid rain.             

After the students write, the teacher will clean the board and leave the classroom.
The students will cooperate with the teacher.        

Students will write down the homework.

Combustion and Flames Lesson Plan PDF for B.Ed.

Above I have given the complete writeup of this lesson plan for the chapter combustion and flames of class 8. I have included only the topic of Flames in this lesson plan since this lesson plan is for a 40-45 min class. The PDF of this Combustion and Flames lesson plan is given below.


This PDF contains six pages in it. Click on the up and down arrow to go for the next or previous pages of this PDF.

It is to be noted that, the format of this lesson plan may not be 100% similar to the format used in your B.Ed. college or teacher training institutions. You might need to make some minor changes. You are free to do so and do as your requirement.

I have only given a sample lesson plan for the chapter Combustion and Flames of class 8 to get an idea of making your own science lesson plan. If you find any mistakes and have advice for us, please comment down below. I have also uploaded more than 15 science lesson plans for B.Ed. practice teaching or peer teaching.

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