If I Were The Headmaster Of Our School – An Essay

Everybody has a dream on their own. Some wanted to become a doctor, some may want to be a teacher, etc. Basically, everyone has a big dream for their future. Here is an essay that is related to a dream or an imaginary subject. Often these topics are given by the teacher in essay writing. Because it tests the level of thinking of a student. So, here is an essay on the topic – “If I Were The Headmaster of Our School”. Now, what will you do if you become the headmaster of your school? Here we are to help you to write an essay on this imaginary topic.

If I Were The Headmaster Of Our School - An Essay

Easy Essay On The Topic – “If I Were The Headmaster Of Our School”

This essay will help you to know the duty of a headmaster. This essay includes the following subtopics –

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Concern for the Pupils as a headmaster
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Relationship with teachers
  • Conclusion of the essay


The Headmaster of a school is the most important person in the school. The growth and well-being of the school depend to a great extent on the abilities of its head. The headmaster should be a living example in almost all respects for everyone in the institution. He must be a good administrator, a well-informed and well-read man and, above all, he must be a model of good behavior.

Concern for the Pupils (As a Headmaster):

Naturally, it is not so easy to be a good headmaster. But, if I were the headmaster of our school, I would have tried my level best to acquire the quality that goes to the making of an ideal headmaster. As a headmaster, my first and foremost concern will be for, my pupils. I must give them the best possible education so that they can give a good account of themselves in life. I shall also pay my closest attention to the building of good character among the pupils. I shall teach them the value of discipline and punctuality. I shall also lay stress on learning the virtues of friendship, tolerance, truthfulness, and fellow-feeling. It is only through such efforts that I can impart meaningful education to my pupils.

Co-curricular Activities:

While laying great emphasis on the academic and moral aspects of education. I shall not neglect co-curricular activities like games and sports, speech-making and: debating, music and dance, dramatics, the publication of the school magazine and running the school canteen on a co-operative basis, social service, etc. I must encourage and help my pupils, to grow strong in the body through various physical exercises of their own choice. All children are born with some potentialities and it will be my duty as headmaster of our school is to help those potentialities to blossom. In one word, I shall try to make my institution an ideal place for the flowering of talents. I shall even train my pupils in the spirit of healthy democracy through the Student’s Union.

Relationship With Teachers (As a Headmaster of our School):

Running a Secondary school, is, however, not a one-man job. It must be a concerted effort by a well-knit team. I, as a headmaster of our school, must be able to obtain the full co-operation of the teachers in running the school in an ideal manner. Generally, my relationship with teachers will be highly cordial. But I have to be a bit tough with those teachers who are callous and negligent of their duties. Although the appointment of teachers may not be within my powers, I shall try to exert my influence in appointing meritorious and dedicated teachers in order to ensure a good education for the pupils. I also shall make sure that the teachers do their duties regularly and punctually.


I may never be in the teaching profession and the question of my becoming a headmaster may not arise at all. But, if I ever find myself in the post of the headmaster of our school, I shall dedicate myself to the all-round development of the school. My wholehearted endeavor will be to make my school one of the best places for school education, if not the best.

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