If I Were A Millionaire – An Essay In 500 Words

Everybody wants to be a millionaire. But, only a few people able to make it possible. But, what if you become a millionaire overnight? This is an essay on this imaginary topic. You will learn to write an essay on the topic – “If I were a Millionaire” within 500 words. writing an essay on this type of topic is much harder. Because you will need imagination as a millionaire in real life. So here we are giving an example of writing an essay on such imaginary topics.

If I Were A Millionaire - An Essay In 500 Words

500 Words Essay on The Topic – “If I Were A Millionaire”

This includes the following subtopic. Students are requested to write from the introductory part.

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Description of spending money
  • Humanitarian work if you were a millionaire
  • Conclusion of the essay


Every human being indulges in one kind of fancy or another. Poor men often dream of becoming rich overnight. Rich men, too, perhaps, imagine growing richer. Nowadays such day-dreamings have begun to come true for many poor or middle-class individuals, thanks to the lotteries organized by governments as well as private agencies. However, luckless people like me can only derive consolation from the pleasure of dreaming.

A Respectable House:

It will be hypocrisy on my part to say that I shall spend all the money on rendering humanitarian service if I were a millionaire. Honestly speaking, I shall first take care of myself and my family. Not that I propose to live like a prince of the fairy tales. But I would like to replace the shanty where I live with my parents with a respectable home. I would like to build my house some distance away from the din and bustle of city life. I would also like to possess some land for modest gardenings on my residential campus. Since I will live on the outskirts of the city, I will also need a car to maintain my links with the city.

Once I have settled myself to the comforts of an ideal home, I shall try to play a significant role in my social life. Some people would like to mark their life by entering politics. But, frankly speaking, I am averse to politics. I would like to ensure my prestige and status in society through social work. To fulfill all my dreams, I shall need a Jot of money and so to ensure a steady flow of capital, I shall invest a good portion of my money in a profitable industry. To promote agriculture, I shall invest heavily in the field of agro-industries.

Humanitarian Work If I Were a Millionaire:

However, my dominant passion is to do some humanitarian work if I would be a millionaire. I have always been deeply moved by the spectacle of human suffering caused particularly by disease and hunger. Therefore, the first benevolent service I would render is to establish and run a hospital where treatment would be done free of cost. I shall employ the best doctors available for the purpose. It will be a first-grade hospital with all the sophisticated types of equipment. This will be followed up by the establishment of a modest vagrant’s home. Hungry people will be fed and destitute people will be given shelter in this home. The inmates will be given full opportunities to rehabilitate themselves in life. I shall also dedicate a school to the memory of my mother. I shall see to it that this becomes one of the best places in the country for school education. It will be a modern residential institution based on the ideals of the ancient Ashramas. Poor and meritorious pupils will be educated in my institution free of cost.


It is unlikely that the millions will come to me and I would be a millionaire overnight. But, miracles do happen sometimes. Therefore, if the millions come to me through a miracle of some sort, I shall certainly do my best to turn my dreams into realities.

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