How To Make Water Turbine at Home – Science Project

How To Make  Water Turbine at Home - Science Project

Easy Science Project Idea for Kids – Making of a Water Turbine

I have published a curiosity series related to the manufacture and use of science equipment for lower secondary and secondary level home experiments. This type of project can be also considered to be fun science. Some of our topics related to these are – Elementary Science Project, Science Project for Kids, Stem Fair ideas, Fun Science, etc, Easy Science project ideas, etc. You may curious about How to make a water turbine? by a very simple idea and with affordable material.  The water Turbine model that I am going to show is very Simple. But do you know what is a water turbine?

What is a Water turbine?

A water turbine is a rotatory machine that converts kinetic energy and potential energy of water into mechanical work. Can’t Understand kinetic energy and potential energy? Don’t worry I will help you to understand through this project work of making a water turbine.

Necessary Materials To Make This Project

  1. A plastic bottle of big size.
  2. A big vessel.
  3. Water.
  4. Table or desk.
  5. A round piece of thin tin.
  6. Stiff wire.
  7. A block of wood.
  8. A refill of a ball pen.

Method – Making Of This Turbine for School Project:

Cut the piece of tin as shown in the picture and fold the parts in the same direction.

How To Make  Water Turbine at Home - Science Project
Step 1 for this Science Project

Make a hole through its center and enter the refill through it tightly. Then set the wire Upright in the wooden block with the help of a peg (picture C) and bend it an X and Y at 90° as shown in the picture.

Step 2 for this Science Project

Before bending at X, entre the wire through the refill with the wheel. Make a small hole in the lower surface of the bottle. Put a big vessel below the table and place the prepared object (C) into the vessel. Now, fill water in the bottle and put it on the table in such a position that water coming through the hole may fall right on the fans (folded part) of the round piece of tin. Now, our Water Turbine is ready to rotate and the wheel (turbine) will start to rotate.

Your Homemade Water Turbine is Ready

You could modify this model to produce Electricity. This Project is for kids so I didn’t make it complex. Visit here for more details.

Reason : Why Turbine rotate with the flow of water?

Streaming Coming through the hole contains kinetics energy, and when the stram falls on a fan of the wheel, the later comes into motion and moves downwards, meanwhile the next fan comes under the stream which also pressed by the stream. This process until the stream falls. As, a result, the wheel (turbine) rotates.

If you enjoyed this project or want to give feedback please comment below. I will upload a video tutorial on youtube at your requests.

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