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How To Make Steam Turbine For Your Science Project

How To Make Steam Turbine For Your Science Project

Science Project for Kids-How to make a Steam Turbine?

I have published a curiosity series related to the manufacture and use of science equipment for lower secondary and secondary level home experiments. This type of project can be also considered to be fun science. You may curious about How to make a water turbine? by a very simple idea and with affordable material. The Steam Turbine model that I am going to show is very Simple. But do you know what is a Steam Turbine?

What is a Steam Turbine?

A steam turbine is a device that extracts thermal energy from pressurized steam and uses it to do mechanical work on a rotating output shaft. Basically, you can say that it is a device that can convert steam into mechanical work. Here we are going to rotate the propeller with steam and use to generate electricity.

Necessary Materials To Make A Steam Turbine

  • A container made of tin
  • Water
  • fine but strong wire
  • A piece of refill
  • A source of heat
  • A piece of tin sheet
  • A wooden block
  • Stand
  • Wire-gauge.

Method to Make This Science Project

Make a wheel of tin. I have already taught this method while making a water turbine. You can learn from there. After completing, set the refill in the wire, and then set the wheel in it. Then bend the wire and fix it on the wooden block.

How To Make Steam Turbine For Your Science Project
Your Steam Turbine is Ready to Generate Energy

Make a hole through the upper portion of the container. Fill water almost in its half and it with the cap. Now, set all the materials as shown in the picture and heat the water of the container with a spirit lamp or any other source of heat. Water will get heated and then push the fans of the wheel. As a result, the wheel will start to rotate.

Reason: How This Simple Steam Turbine Work?

The reason is 100% similar to the working of a Water Turbine. The only difference is that we rotate our water turbine using water and here we are rotating with the help of steam.

Streaming Coming through the hole contains kinetics energy, and when the steam falls on a fan of the wheel, the later comes into motion and moves downwards, meanwhile the next fan comes under the stream which also pressed by the stream. This process until the stream falls. As, a result, the wheel (turbine) rotates.

Note: The water vapor may push and open the cap. Hence, if 2-4 more holes are made, vapor can’t open it.

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