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Fun Science Experiments Ideas For School Students

Fun Science Experiments Ideas For School Students

4 Easy Fun Science Experiments Ideas To Try At Home

Nowadays, kids love to do science experiments at home. Also, parents should encourage them to these types of things. It helps students/kids to improve their mental health, thinking skills, and creativity. Thus, there is not such a bad reason not to do a science experiment at home. What if these experiments are set up like a fun game? Yes, you heard that right. We have made these science experiments like fun games. Here we are trying to provide some fun science experiments ideas for school students to try at home.

Here are some fun science experiments ideas which your children can do at home for School Project. These science experiment ideas can be achieved at a very low cost. Now check out the list of projects that I am going to elaborate on.

  • C.G. (Centre of Gravity) with Match-boxes
  • The Game of Air Pressure
  • Another Game of Air Pressure
  • Tin-Can Bomb

Now lets come to a brief description of all the above-mentioned projects.

Demonstration of C. G. (Centre of Gravity) with Match-Boxes

A easy and understandable project to demonstrate the Centre of Gravity.

Necessary Materials to demonstrate C.G. (Centre of Gravity) :

  • Three match-boxes of the same size
  • Three small but heavy objects ( such as stones)
  • Sellotape
  • Three pieces of white paper
  • Cardboard, or a book.

Method – How to demonstrate C.G. (Centre of Gravity) : 

Firstly, open the boxes and set the heavy object in each of the small boxes that sticks are kept in, with the help of sellotape. Then enter the prepared small boxes into the big ones. Stick small pieces of paper. On each of the boxes and write A, B, and C( or 1,2and 3 ) on them respectively. Then place the boxes in a row on the cardboard ( or book ). Now raise one side of the cardboard (or book) slowly and slope it. While doing this, box C will fall at first and box A at last.

Fun Science Experiments Ideas For School Students
Model: Center Of Gravity With Match Box

The reason why the C.G. (Center of Gravity) appears :

As the C.G.( Center of Gravity ) in box A line in the lower part, that in box B in the middle and the in box C in the upper part, C falls at first ,B after a short while and A at last The object in which the C.G. lies in the lowermost side contains the power to keep itself in balance more than that in others, and when it is raised upwards, the power decreases too. That’s why, the above result is seen.

The Game of Air Pressure – A Science Experiment Idea

This experiment is also fun. Students will enjoy doing this. That’s why we have added in our science experiments ideas list.

Necessary Materials to set up the Game of Air-Pressure: 

A small rectangular container made of tin, a pot, cool water, a source of heat.

Method-how to set up the Game of Air-Pressure?

Open the lid of the container and heat it for some time. Then remove the container off the source of heat and close it with the lid and then put it into the pot filled with water. The container will shrivel form all sides.

Reason- why The container will shrivel from all sides?

In normal conditions, the pressure exerted by the air inside the box and that exerted by the atmosphere outside are equal and contrary, the shape of the container doesn’t change or it doesn’t shrivel. But, when the container is heated, the air inside it gets heated too and comes out. Thus the pressure inside the container becomes too low whereas the external pressure remains the same. Thus, because of the external pressure, the container shrivels. 

The Game of Air Pressure 2 – Easy Science Experiments Ideas

Necessary Materials to set up the Game of Air-Pressure:

A small container made of tin, some water.

Method-how to set up the Game of Air-Pressure?

Make a hole on the cap of the container and make 5-6 more holes around it with the help of a nail. Then make a small hole on the bottom of the container. Now, dip the container into the pot filled with water and close its opening with the cap. Then shut the hole with a finger and take out the container. Water will not fall. Now, remove the finger of the hole, water will fall through the lower holes, and as soon as you shut the hole, water stop falling. 

Reason- why water stop falling?

As the external (atmospheric)  pressure exerted upon the container is higher then that of water inside the container, the later pushes the water just inside, water doesn’t fall. But, when the upper hole is open, the air enters into the container though the hole.  As the total quantity of the pressure of air and water becomes higher then that of the external atmospheric pressure, water falls.

Making of a Tin-Can Bomb

(must be performed with the help of elders)

Necessary Materials for Making of a Tin-Can Bomb:

A container of medium size made of tin, spirit and matches. 

Method- How to make a Tin-Can Bomb?

Close the container setting the cap tightly and make a small hole through the surface slightly above the base (as shown in the picture). Then keep the container in an open place and put 7-8 drops of spirit into it through the hole. Now, light the match-stick and bring it near the hole and then set fire to it. Just after a short while, the container will spring upwards with a loud sound. It will hear like the explosion of a bomb. 

Fun Science Experiments Ideas For School Students
Model : Tin-Can Bomb

Reason – How Tin-Can Bomb work?

When the spirit is put in the container full of air and a burning match-stick is brought near it, the spirit inflames rapidly and gas comes out too. Because of the excessive heat, the gas and the air spread quickly but since there is no exit, they lift the container, and thus the cap comes apart, and then air, as well as gas, come out. When they come out rapidly, the internal pressure decreases and the container shrivels due to the external pressure. As the reaction with O2 present in the air, the process of severing the cap as well as the shriveling of the container takes place at the same time and a loud sound is produced.


Before setting fire ask the person, if any standing by to move away. The place chosen should be open such as ground, lawn, etc. and run yourself away too quickly after setting fire to the container.

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