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Essay & Paragraph On Patriotism in 500+ Words

An Essay on Patriotism in 500+ words in English for students and kids. Also, this essay on patriotism can be written as a paragraph on patriotism. Students can convert this essay into 200, 300, and 400 words essay based on their requirements. This is a very easy-to-understand and well-written essay on patriotism with proper format.

Essay & Paragraph On Patriotism in 500+ Words

500+ Words Essay On Patriotism – Paragraph Writing On Patriotism

Students will be able to learn the true meanings of patriotism, the difference between True Patriotism and Narrow Patriotism, Various Examples of great patriotism from this essay. The following essay and paragraph on patriotism include the following sub-headings.

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Meaning of True Patriotism
  • Meaning of Narrow Patriotism
  • Great Examples of Patriotism
  • Conclusion of the essay



Breathes there the man with soul so dead

Who never to himself hath said

“This is my own, my native land !”

– so sang the English poet, Sir Walter Scott. The lines suggest that we all should love our own country. Patriotism or love of one’s own country is a noble virtue. People who possess this virtue always put the country above their own selves. They are ever ready to defend the glory and honor of their country, and they even sacrifice their lives, if necessary.

True Patriotism: (Meaning of True Patriotism)

True patriotism demands that a man should love his country as well as all humanity. The true patriot works for the prosperity of his country and dies for it, if necessary, but he has no hatred or bitterness toward the people of other countries. He is not blind to the faults of his own country. He would frankly and fearlessly express his feelings against the evil ways of his countrymen. He is also capable of appreciating the greatness of other countries.

Narrow Patriotism: (What is Narrow Patriotism?)

There is another brand of patriotism which may be called narrow patriotism. “My country, right or wrong” is the motto of narrowly patriotic men. This is a cheap sentiment. It blinds our reason. A narrowly patriotic man fails to make a fair and just assessment of the people of other countries. For him, everything in his country is great and glorious and worthy of praise and those opposed to his country are all hateful creatures. Wars are often caused by narrow patriotism, and it is in times of war that most people become narrow patriots. ‘Chauvinism’ is the name given to this kind of patriotic feeling and it is positive danger to international peace. It is this evil aspect of patriotism that prompted the Chinese philosopher. Lao-tze, to call it ‘a bad and harmful feeling’.

Examples of Patriotism:

History has numerous examples of great patriotic acts. The story of Jeanne d’ Arc is actually a story of her fiery patriotism. Our own country produced a galaxy of great patriots during the struggle for freedom. Hundreds of them laid down their lives cheerfully for, retrieving the freedom of their motherlands. The burning patriotism of Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose even prompted him to organize an armed confrontation with the mighty British empire. Nearer home, we have the inspiring story of the patriotism of Chakradhvaj Singha, the Ahom kings, and Lachit Barphukan, the great general, who were pitted against the mighty Moghuls. Mula Gabharu, Piyali Phukan, Maniram Dewan, Kushal Konwar, Kanaklata, etc. are some other names of great patriots in the history of Assam.

In recent times, the people of Vietnam -under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh have presented a unique example of patriotism by resisting the armed might of the U.S.A. for a long period and defeating the enemy in the long run. While all these are instances of true patriotism, Hitler, the German dictator provides us with an example of narrow patriotism. He believed that the Germans were superior to other nations of the world, and waged the devasting Second World War in order to establish this superiority. In the process, he committed some of the worst crimes ever known to men.


“One’s mother and motherland are even greater than heaven”, says a Sanskrit proverb. Yes, the land that has given us food and shelter-the land where we breathe and spend our days in joys and sorrows-is, indeed, greater than heaven (which none of us have seen). But, let our love for our motherland be moderated by our love for the whole of humanity.

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