Essay On The Topic – “Students and Social Service”

Social Service brings positiveness among students. This helps students to build a good heart. Nowadays, many schools include social service as an extra-curricular activity. So, it becomes a common topic in essay writing. Though it is common, most of the students face difficulties while writing an essay on Social Service. So, here is a brief essay on the topic – “Students and Social Service”. This will make students a better understanding of this topic.

500+ Words Essay On The Topic – Students and Social Service

Essay On The Topic - "Students and Social Service"


Man is a social animal. The life of an individual is intimately linked with that of society. Therefore, every man has Introduction his duties to his society. In fact, human life cannot be very meaningful if it is lived only for meeting selfish ends. As future citizens, students must be aware of social obligations. They must see how best they can help their society. They must look upon social service as an essential part of their duties.

Social Needs:

Society needs the services of students for various reasons. The needs are particularly acute in a poor and underdeveloped country like India. Most of our people are illiterate, ignorant, and superstitious. A large number of them live in extremely unhygienic conditions. Many of them suffer from disease and hunger. In other words, a vast section of our society presents a spectacle of mental darkness and physical suffering. Students should contribute their share in improving this condition. They can organize themselves and move to places where their services are needed. During holidays they can move out in groups to educate the masses and teach them how to read and write.

They can clear slums and make various sanitary arrangements. Many places, particularly in rural areas, have no roads linking them with the main roads constructed by the government. The services of the students may be fully utilized for the construction of roads in such backward places. Students should also come forward to help. health squads whenever the need arises.


There are emergencies that require the attention of every member of society. Natural calamities like floods and earthquakes often cause havoc. Roads and bridges are washed away or damaged, houses are razed and people are thrown into a state of untold misery. Such situations are sometimes created by human beings themselves. They wage wars or indulge in communal and racial disturbances rendering fellow human beings homeless and hungry. At such emergent times, students must use their physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent possible. They are not expected to provide the money for such reconstructive work, but they can duly lend their physical and intellectual powers in coping with such difficult situations when a country is forced into a state of war, students can also help significantly in fighting the enemy for defending the honor of their motherland.

Organization for Social Service:

There are various organizations through which the students can render social service. The Junior Red Cross, the Boy Scouts and Guides, and the National Cadet Corps are such organizations. The government has also introduced a scheme for the students called the National service Scheme. Many colleges in Assam have already .been brought under this scheme. If planned and implemented properly, the National Service Scheme can be a very effective instrument by which students can meet various social needs.


Education does not mean academic activities alone. Extra academic activities like social service are an essential part of education. By actively participating in social service programmes, a student can prepare himself to be a very useful and better citizen in future.

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