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Essay On The Topic – “Our School Library”

Essay writing is a part of curriculum in every school. Sometimes many students face difficulties while writing an essay. This is due to the lack of knowledge about the given topic or due to not knowing a proper essay writing format. So, here a is a full essay on the topic – “Our School Library”. This topic is very common in every school.

Essay On The Topic - "Our School Library"

Our School Library – A Brief Essay For School Students


A Library is a storehouse of knowledge. Nowadays libraries have become very popular every. where there are libraries at all levels like those of countries, states, districts, Subdivisions, cities. towns, villages and schools, and colleges.

Description of our School Library:

Our school also has a library of its own. But, like the school itself, the library, too, is a humble one. There is no separate building for it. A big room near the headmaster’s office houses it. We have only about two thousand books and a few English and vernacular magazines and newspapers. The books are kept in four big almirahs. Though most of these books have been purchased from shops, a few of these have been donated by some generous persons. All the teachers, all the office staff, and all the students are members of the library. Every student has to pay two rupees at the beginning of every session as his or her membership fee for the library. However, poor students are exempted from paying this fee.

Management of our School Library:

Our school library is managed mainly by a teacher who is appointed by the headmaster as the teacher-in-charge “of the library. The teacher-in-charge guides and gives all necessary advice to the Secretary of the Library and Magazine section of the school. This Secretary is elected by all the students of the school during the annual school elections. But there is a rule that only students of Class IX and upwards can contest for the Secretaryship of this section. But even then, the teacher-in-charge guides him in all the matters relating to the management of the library because such management involves a great deal of responsibility.

Use of the Library:

Unlike in colleges, there are no off-hours in schools except the mid-day recreation. So we can not go to the library at all times even if we want to. As such, we make use of it during the period of recreation which lasts for half an hour only. But, it is not possible to read books, particularly the serious ones, during such a short time. Moreover, the boy’s common room and the girls’ common room are very close to the library. As large numbers of boys and girls make noise in their respective common rooms, it is next to impossible to concentrate on books. Hence, what most of the students generally do is to turn the leaves of newspapers and periodicals. As for books, students are allowed to take them home. But each student can borrow only one book at a time, which he or she must return within 3 days.


The studious students find our school Library very useful because the library books supplement their knowledge which they acquire from their school textbooks. The poor students who can not purchase their textbooks even, also derive a lot of benefits by borrowing such books from the library, which they are allowed to keep for a long time. I also find our library very helpful. But it is a matter of regret that some students tear off some leaves from some books which contain important and interesting matter. It is a bad practice and must be avoided at all costs. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of the students do not go to the library. They should cultivate the habit of going there and borrowing books from it. I feel that every school should have a big library, housed in a separate building and containing all kinds of necessary and useful books and sufficient chairs and tables and every student should make the habit of making proper use of the library.

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