Essay On The Topic – My Favorite Book for SEBA

What is your favorite book? This question is very common in schools. Writing an essay on the Favorite Book is not that easy if you really don’t like reading books. But, it can easy after reading this on the topic – “My Favorite Book” which is especially for school students. This essay will be more helpful to the students of SEBA. After reading this essay you will be able to write an essay on your own favorite book very easily.

Essay On The Topic - My Favorite Book for SEBA

My Favorite Book – 500 Words Essay For SEBA Students

This essay on “My Favorite Book” is based on the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi – My Experiments With truth or Mor Satya Anvesanar Kahini. This essay includes the following subtopics.

  • Introduction to the essay
  • The books and its author
  • Contents of the book
  • Conclusion of the essay


It will not be an exaggeration to say that modern civilization has been created with the help of books. There are books on nearly all subjects including the various aspects of human life. Many great books have been written by a great many writers in a great many languages. It is not possible for one individual to read all such books. It is also not easy to choose the best book from those that one has read, because all good books have distinct appeals of their own. In Assamese, novels like Jiwanar Batat (Beena Barua), Pita Putra (Homen Borguhain) Mrityunjay ( Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya ), plays like Karengar Ligiri (Jyotiprosad Agarwala), classics like the Kirtana (Sankardeva) and the Namghosa (Madhavadeva) are all very good books and as such I like them all.

My Favorite Book And Its Author:

However, my favorite book is the translated version of Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography My Experiments with Truth. I have read and re-read the Assamese version Mor Satya Anvesanar Kahini. The book has been beautifully translated into Assamese by the late Omeo Kumar Das. Going through this book is a highly enriching experience. One really feels that one is in contact with a great soul (Mahatma). That Gandhiji’s life was his message can be clearly, seen from the book.

Contents of My Favorite Book:

The book divided into three main parts. The first part deals with Gandhiji’s early life from childhood till the completion of his education in England, emerging as a Barrister-at-law. The second part deals chiefly with Gandhiji’s life in South Africa where he laid the foundations of his future political career. The third part deals with many aspects of his experience as the unrivaled leader of the Indian political scene in the early decades of this century. In all three parts, Gandhiji tells us about many people that he came across as well as about a great many events that took place during those days. But the most interesting feature of the book is the way in which Gandhiji tells us about his private life – about his relationship with his wife, his food habits, his sex life, etc. Gandhiji conducted a lot of experiments on himself in order to achieve a higher level of perfection in thought and action. It is through such experiments that great ideas such as that of Satyagraha were born. All this gives us clear glimpses into the strength of Gandhiji’s character. But Gandhiji also takes special care to tell us about his many early weaknesses and the way in which he overcame them.


My Experiments with Truth is undoubtedly among the best autobiographies ever written. In it, we can clearly see the evolution of a great mind. The intimate vein in which Gandhiji narrates the story of the formative part of his life, the sincere tone and the force of conviction contained in the book make it a classic of autobiographical literature. Throughout his life, Gandhiji remained a worshipper of truth. Small wonder, therefore, that the story of his search for truth has resulted in a truly great book!

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