Essay On The Problem of Poverty in India in 1000 Words

A well-written essay on the problem of poverty in India in 1000 words for CBSE, SEBA, and any other state education board. This essay on the problem of poverty in India will be very helpful to those students who are going to appear for the Class 10 and class 12 final examinations. Since this essay is very easy to understand and memorize any non-English medium students can easily understand. Also, this essay can be converted into 500 and 300 words essay easily.

Essay On The Problem of Poverty in India in 1000 Words

A Brief Essay On The Problem of Poverty in India in 1000 Words

This essay on the problem of poverty in India is written in the proper format of essay writing so that students can carry maximum marks from this essay. All causes and prevention measures of poverty in India are explained properly in this essay. Before we started our essay, please have a look at the quick view of the essay.

Quick view of the essay on the problem of poverty in India: Introduction – Nature and Extent of Poverty – Causes – Methods of Agriculture – Floods – Unemployment – Socio-political and economic system – Difference between the rich and the poor – Conclusion



India is a rich country in natural resources. Yet, more than fifty percent of its people live below the poverty line. It is one of the biggest blows to our national life and character. All right-thinking people are very much concerned about it.

Nature and Extent of The Problem of Poverty in India

The poverty of the majority of Indians beggars a description. They do not have two square meals a day. The number of beggars is increasing alarmingly. Half-clad and unclad people, including children and women in their thousands, lie on the footpaths and other open places. Crores of people do not have any roof over their heads.

Little children feed themselves with left-overs collected from dustbins or railway platforms and tracks. Skeleton-like people, cooking a fistful of rotten rice of a few festering potatoes in dirty tins and earthen pots by the roadside are a very shameful and disturbing sight. Most of these unfortunate human beings pitiably try to protect themselves from the biting cold of winter with tattered rugs and even newspapers, posters, and festoons. Thousands become victims of cold waves as well as heat waves.

The majority of villages do not have good drinking water and medical facilities. Innumerable patients die due to wanting good food and medicine. One may go on drawing faces of this demon of poverty in India but there would never be an end. This grinding poverty has seriously blotted our image as a nation. It has prevented us from looking at others with a straight face because every one of us is directly or indirectly responsible for this sad state of things.

Causes of Poverty in India: Increase of Population, Exploitation by the Rich

One of the major reasons for this disgusting poverty is the acute shortage of food. The number of babies born to everybody in our country is much bigger than it can feed. About eighty percent. of India’s total population live in the villages. The main. occupation of these people is cultivation. But, with the rapid increase of population, the land holdings of these people are gradually decreasing. Moreover, a vast number of these cultivators do not have any land at all or a pair of bullocks to draw their plough. Big landlords, other rich people, and middlemen have been cheating and exploiting them systematically and depriving them of their dues. All this is a vicious circle and there is no end to the misery of the cultivators most of whom cannot even feed themselves.

Methods of Agriculture

Another reason is that, by and large, the methods of agriculture in our country are very backward and outdated. Very few people have adopted modern and improved methods of agriculture. Again, most of the cultivators are so poor that they cannot afford to adopt such expensive methods. Those who can do so become very rich and form a new class by themselves and start exploiting the poor ones.


Frequent floods also cause great devastation to agricultural crops and corn in our country. Every year, the floods wash away thousands of granaries and cattle-heads as well as seedlings planted in vast areas of and. Thus countless cultivators and other villagers are reduced to utter poverty.


The unemployment problem is closely linked with poverty. There are lakhs of unemployed people in our country. Naturally, these people cannot earn anything for their families. Rather they become burdens on others. This acute unemployment problem which is responsible for a great deal of poverty is the result of our unplanned and haphazard system of education.

Socio-political and Economic System

But the root of all these is the socio-political and economic systems prevailing in our country. As a result of this, the benefit of our vast natural resources and national wealth is concentrated in the hands of a handful of selfish and unpatriotic people. This cruel exploitation of the poor has made the latter utterly destitute and unable to adopt any modern techniques of agriculture. At the same time, this private concentration of wealth has impoverished the national exchequer. Consequently, the State cannot adopt any bold, major, and revolutionary measures for the welfare of the common man.

Difference Between the Rich and the Poor in India

The sight of gigantic multi-storeyed palatial buildings overlooking tattered canvas structures where human beings pass their days in untold misery is very disturbing for any conscientious man. The corrupt and the fabulously rich enjoy themselves in vulgar luxury and display their wealth in five-star hotels that look like dreamlands.

Really, what a wonderful country India is! It is clear that shortage of food, cattle, or implements or lack of adoption of improved methods of agriculture, uncontrolled floods, unemployment and corruption, and the like are only signs of a deeper malady. This malady or the real cause of our poverty is the prevailing socio-political and economic systems resulting in unequal distribution.


We may try to remove poverty through the adoption of such measures as improving the condition of our poor cultivators by tackling the flood problems, the opening of co-operative farming for the adoption of modern agricultural methods, emancipating the poor from the clutches of different kinds of exploiters, creating employment avenues and controlling the rapid growth of population. But, that way we will succeed only partially. To really doing away with poverty, we must try to radically change the systems so that nobody can exploit others. But, for doing that, we have to remember that mere slogan cannot remove poverty. Everyone must work sincerely for it.

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