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Essay On The Population Problem in India in 500 Words

A major problem in India is its population. So, we should be aware of controlling the population. To create awareness about the population problem in India, it is very often that teachers asked students to write essays on the population problem in India. Here you will learn to write a good 500+ words essay on the population problem in India. You will be able to convert this essay to 300 and 200 words if you want to do so. This article will be also helpful to write a paragraph on “The Population Problem in India”.

Essay On The Population Problem in India in 500 Words

Brief Essay On The Population Problem in India for CBSE, SEBA Students

No matter under what education you are studying, you will be given to write an essay on the population problem once in your school life. Also, after reading this well-written essay on the population problem in India you will also know the different causes and its measures to control.

Quick View of The Essay On The Population Problem in India: Introduction – Population of other countries – The problem in India – High birth rate – Infiltration – Socio-political economic and distribution system – outdated agricultural method – Conclusion



The country is said to be facing a population problem – Introduction when there are more people than jobs, more mouths than food. At present India is facing such a problem.

The Question of Population in other Countries:

In certain countries like the USSR, the term “population The question problem’‘ has a different significance. There the problem is one of underpopulation and not overpopulation. In these countries, people are encouraged to have more children. But in the under-developed and capitalist countries, the problem of overpopulation has assumed serious proportions.

The Problems in India:

It is said to think that human beings have to be regarded as a problem and a curse rather than an asset and a blessing. But the fact remains that, today, India is an overpopulated country. The present population of India is roughly 136 crores. But the production of food is far below the required quantity. About two-thirds of people live below the poverty line. In addition to these, several crores of people are too poor to make both ends meet. The number of unemployed people is increasing day by day. As such, the problem of overpopulation, food, poverty, and unemployment are closely related In fact they are only the different angles of the same problem. At any rate, the problem is very serious and the total picture very gloomy.

High Birth Rate:

The rate of growth of the population in India is very alarming. All attempts at family planning have practically failed. This is due to the fact that the poor people who are really in need of planning their families have more children. One of the reasons is that they need more people to work for the family, whether in fields or factories. On the other hand, the rich who can feed more mouths and do not need to adopt birth control measures have fewer and fewer children. Consequently the poor are getting poorer and poorer day by day. As they cannot afford to educate their children they are always exploited by the rich and the privileged.

Infiltration: A Big Cause of Population Problem in India

Another factor, responsible to a certain extent for India’s overpopulation, is the infiltration of people from then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, into the neighboring Indian states and Union Territories. This phenomenon started as a result of and after the partition of the country during independence owing to historical reasons, the process of influx and infiltration has not stopped as yet. In fact, it has become more serious after the creation of Bangladesh.

The pressure of population as a result of this terrible influx, particularly on Assam and Bengal, is becoming just unbearable. For example, the census figures of 1971 in Assam showed a 24 p.c. increase of population over the figures of 1961. This was the highest ever rate of growth of population in any part of India. The result is that no economic planning seems possible and the state economy is threatened with destruction. Besides, it has given rise to serious sociopolitical problems. As a result, the economy is suffering a still more dangerous setback because, without socio-political stability, economic progress is a far cry.

Root Cause of Population Problem in India: Socio-political Economic and Distribution System

However, the root of the problem lies more in the distribution system than in the number of people. Our country is abundantly rich in natural resources. But the benefit of our natural wealth is enjoyed by a very limited number of people depriving the majority. Though India is said to be trying to establish an economic and a socialistic pattern of society, yet, practically she is a capitalist country.

The selfish system minority in our country is mercilessly exploiting the majority who actually produce the national wealth. Everything is concentrated in the hands of this minority. In its own selfish interest, this fabulously rich minority always prevents equal distribution of the natural wealth among all To play the poor and the deprived against one another, put obstacles against the creation of sufficient jobs for all.

There is no doubt that if the socio-political and economic systems are changed for the equal benefit of all the population problem in India will not big as it is now. Today, while many are living in utter poverty, a few are living in vulgar luxury. Bad distribution is more responsible than low production.

Outdated Agricultural Method:

Moreover, India is still backward in its agricultural methods. It is true that modern improved methods of agriculture have been adopted here and there. But, generally speaking, we are still following the traditional age-old methods. Consequently, food production has remained more or less static. Naturally, this amount is not sufficient to feed the ever-increasing population.


There is no doubt that, at present, India is facing & serious population problem. At the same time, it is also certain that if we sincerely adopt some measures, we can easily overcome this problem. For Example, we must adopt improved methods of agriculture so as to sufficiently increase food production. Secondly, we must see to it that the national wealth is equally and justly distributed among all, by streamlining the economic and distribution system. Thirdly we must persuade the poor people to take to family planning and limit their families. And last, but not least we must permanently stop the infiltration of foreigners into our country.

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