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Essay On The Education of Women in 500+ Words

Learn how to write an essay on The Education of Women in more than 500 words. In this article, you will find a well-written essay on women’s education which will be very helpful for your examination. You will be able able to get the maximum marks from it. Also, you can adjust the length of this essay on the education of women to 400, 300 and, even 200 words depending on your needs.

Essay On The Education of Women in 500+ Words

500+ Words Easy Essay on The Education of Women For CBSE Students

This essay on women’s education has a lot of Indian references so this essay will be very helpful to students of CBSE or any other state board students like SEBA for their AHSEC or HSLC examination. Before you read the complete essay please have a quick view of the essay so that you will get the idea of what you are going to learn.

Quick view of the essay on The Education of Women: Introduction to women’s education – Why women’s education is important? – Types of Women’s education – Co-Education – Conclusion of the essay



Gone are the days when the dictum. “Man for the field and women for the Kitchen” was universally accepted. Today’s women have started taking part in the affairs of society equally with men. The argument of the male chauvinist’ does not hold water anymore. Every enlightened person today believes in the equality of men and women. And everyone would agree that education is as much a need for women as for men.

Why Women’s Education?

Women are a very vital part of society. No nation can treat the path of progress if this vital part remains undeveloped. Women have to play a crucial education role in bringing up new generations: If they remain ignorant, the chances of social uplift would also remain very slim. Women have been given the same social and political rights as men. But an uneducated woman cannot exercise her rights judiciously. We also talk about the social and economic emancipation of women. Such emancipation, however, is impossible without the education of women.

Types of Education for Women:

People have debated over the type of education to be provided to women. Some of them believe that women should be given a -different type of education. It is true that most women are required to keep house and therefore, they need to have special knowledge of home science. As mothers, women should also be well-versed in baby care. But, there are no reasons why women should not receive the same kind of education as men.

One important function of education is the liberalization of the human mind. Education puts our minds in touch with the world at large and enlightens them. This enlightenment of the mind is as much a necessity for women as for men. Specialization is a different question. Both men and women can specialize in various branches of knowledge according to their aptitudes, abilities, and needs. Thus it may be useful for a woman to be able to sew and knit well, but it will be completely wrong to think that she has no other life than just rearing a family.


Opinions are also divided over the question of co-education. Some people want separate schools and colleges for boys and girls. It is true that some students, particularly girls may have a feeling of suppression in a co-educational institution. This may birder the free growth of their personalities. A situation like this may arise especially at the secondary stage of education.

At the primary stage, the pupils are too young to develop any complexes and at the university level, they are mature enough to sort out their own problems. Even at the secondary stage, the feeling of suppression among students in a co-educational institution is not universal. After all, the problem is directly related to social attitudes to the two sexes. If our attitudes are healthy and natural there can be nothing wrong with co-education.


“Women’s lib” (ie. liberty of women) is a new movement. In the west, the movement has gained great momentum and women are playing important roles in all spheres of life. The evolution of modern societies in the west has been possible largely because of women’s education. In India, we must pay serious attention to this aspect of education, because the percentage of literacy among women is still very low.

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