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Essay On PUNCTUALITY in 300 Words For Students

A 300+ words essay on Punctuality for Students and Kids. This essay on punctuality can also be written as a paragraph on Punctuality during the examination. Since this essay is written in the proper format of essay writing students will be able to gather maximum marks from this essay. Every important point is noted in this essay that is based on punctuality. Students can also adjust the length of the essay to 200, 300, or 500 words depending on the requirement.

Essay On PUNCTUALITY in 300 Words For Students

Paragraph And Essay On Punctuality in 300+ Words

This is a very easy to understand and easy to memorize essay on Punctuality. This is essay is specially written for school students. The following essay on punctuality includes the following key points-

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Advantages of Punctuality
  • Disadvantages of Unpunctuality
  • Indians and Punctuality



Punctuality is the virtue of doing everything in time. Human life is very short, but we have to do a lot of things within this short life. The poet, H.W. Longfellow, says“Art is long and time is fleeting.” Time and tide wait for none. Material, wealth, once lost, can be regained, but nobody can bring back the Time gone ts gone forever. Therefore, we should do everything according to time.

Advantages of Punctuality:

Punctuality is one of the keys to success in life. A punctual man saves a lot of time. He can do many things within a short time. He is an asset to society. His punctuality benefits both himself and others. Success in public life, student life, business, army, and everywhere depends a lot on punctuality. A punctual man is trusted and respected by all because he does not cause any loss, trouble, or irritation to anybody.

Disadvantages of Unpunctuality:

On the other hand, unpunctuality is a great evil. It is a source of constant trouble. An unpunctual man is a nuisance to himself and to others. He is as much a personal and public liability as the punctual man is an asset. An unpunctual student arrives late in his school or college. An unpunctual businessman misses his train and suffers a heavy loss. The public man who fails to keep a public engagement due to unpunctuality incurs the displeasure of the public.

A doctor failing to arrive in time may not be able to save the life of his patient. An army general, late in taking a move, may suffer a crushing defeat. In fact, Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo because one of his generals was a few minutes late in arriving at the battlefield. Had Napoleon won the battle, the history of Europe would have been much different. The punctual man is always ahead of time. But the unpunctual man is always short of it.

Indians and Punctuality:

It is very regrettable that, like a whale, we Indians are very unpunctual in our habits. We can hardly do anything in time. In India, meetings always start late; trains and buses are always behind time. There is no end to the harm and loss caused by such delays. The national loss in terms of man-hours beggars description. If we want to progress fast, we must sincerely cultivate the virtue of punctuality.

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