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Essay On PERSEVERANCE in 500 Words For Students

500 words essay on Perseverance in English for students in children. This is a very easy to understand and easy to memorize essay on Perseverance. This essay is well written in the format of essay writing so that students can get the maximum from it. There are four key points in this essay on perseverance. Students can also adjust the length of this essay to 200, 300, and 400 words based on their requirements. Also this essay can be written as a paragraph on Perseverance.

Essay On PERSEVERANCE in 500 Words For Students

Easy Essay and Paragraph on Perseverance in 500 Words

This essay includes the following important key points –

  • Meaning of Perseverance
  • Advantages of Perseverance with examples
  • Lack of Perseverance
  • Conclusion of the essay


Introduction ( What is Perseverance? ):

Perseverance is a great virtue. It is the virtue of doing things again and again till attaining success. Life is not a bed of roses and the path to success is not smooth. Success in all fields and always can not be achieved with one or two attempts. So, if a man becomes frustrated and gives up all efforts after some initial failures, he cannot do anything great in life. On the other hand, if he does not lose hope but tries, again and again, his efforts are bound to succeed. So it is said that failures are the pillars of success.

Advantages and Examples of Perseverance:

A fickle or weak-minded person can never achieve success in life. Determination will power, perseverance and such other qualities alone lead to success. Many great deeds in this world have been done only due to perseverance. It lies at the root of most of the greatest discoveries and inventions. If scientists were to give up all hopes after one or two failures, the world would have remained still backward in many fields.

Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Stevenson, Addison, and many other scientists could enrich humanity with their discoveries and inventions because they knew that success does not come overnight. Columbus also succeeded in discovering America after several voyages only. Had he become frustrated by the dangers and. obstacles, the world would have come to know of America much later. The story of Robert Bruce, the Scottish leader, who took courage from a spider weaving its net, and defeated the English after having failed seven times is known to us all.

So is the story of Kalidas, the great poet who was at first a dull student. After repeated failures in the study, Kalidas was sitting mournfully near the steps to a tank. These steps were made of hard stones. But, while sitting there he observed that a particular spot on these, rough steps was gradually becoming smooth because a woman always, used to keep her pitcher there, This encouraged Kalidas very much. He then resumed his studies afresh and with great determination. He not only succeeded there but became, in course of time, one of the greatest poets of the world.

Lack of Perseverance:

A man without perseverance can not set any good example for others. He is weak-willed and gives up everything easily. He is like a bad workman who quarrels with his tools. Though he fails due to his own lack of resolution, he blames everything and everybody around him for his failures. Consequently, he becomes a burden on others.


There is no doubt that perseverance is an important key to success in life. A man may have many good qualities, but he may still fail to achieve anything if he does not have perseverance. To make proper use of our assets and advantages, we must acquire the virtue of perseverance.

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