Essay On National Integration in India for Students

A brief essay on National integration in India in 500+ words for students of CBSE, SEBA, and other state boards for HSLC and AHSEC examination. This essay is very easy to understand and easy to remember for your examination. This essay on national integration in India can also be used in writing a paragraph on national integration in India. All the major problems in national integration in India are well explained in this essay.

Essay On National Integration in India for Students

Easy 500+ Words essay on National Integration in India for CBSE, SEBA, etc.

This essay on National integration in India can be adjusted to 400, 300, and even 200 words based on your need. But before we start our essay please have a quick look at the essay so that you will get an idea of what you are going to learn.

Quick View of the Essay on National Integration in India: Introduction – Religious Communalism – Linguistic discords – Untouchability – Socio-political problems – Conclusion


Introduction – National Integration of India:

India a country with innumerable languages, religions, races castes, cultures, and customs. As such, she is often plagued by conflicts arising out of diverse elements. It is true that the country stands like one man in times of external aggression. But as soon as such threats are over people again fight bitterly amongst themselves on one issue or the other. So the problem of national integration has always caused worry to all right-thinking people. In fact, it is a problem of national disintegration.

Religious Communalism in India:

The worst enemy of national integration in India is religious-communal discord. This does not mean that the different religious communities are very serious about their own religions. They never fight on the issue of merits or demerits of their respective religions. In fact, most people do not know anything about the teachings of their respective religions. So, when they fight, they do so not as religious thinkers or philosophers but purely as fanatics and zealots. As such, what takes place are not differences of opinion on religion but communal riots. One community is made to think that another is enjoying some benefits at its expense. Passions run high and people become blind. They shed each other’s blood. Thus, instead of serving their own religions, they not only harm them but the country and the nation too.

Linguistic Discords Issue in National Integration in India:

Another major issue of conflict in India is language. The number of languages and dialects in India is uncountable. Different linguistic groups fall out when they feel that another has some edge over it. Here, too, the root of the fight is more economic and political than purely linguistic and literary. This is because some big and powerful linguistic groups always try to dominate over smaller and less powerful ones. They want to impose their own language and culture on the latter.

Moreover, the question of using Hindi as the national language has been a major cause of linguistic trouble and national disintegration. The fanatics of Hindi often forget that there are lakhs of people in India who do not understand this language. Instead of enabling such people to voluntarily learn Hindi, they often try to impose it on them. Consequently, riots occur and cracks appear on the national fabric.


We all know that the crime of untouchability is one of the biggest blots on our national life. Gandhiji fought all through his life to eradicate untouchability from India. Yet, it not only stays till today but is even becoming more dangerous day by day. The so-called high caste people even burn Harijans in a lot to death.

Socio-political Problem in National Integration in India:

In addition to all these, people in India are always fighting amongst themselves on the basis of race and caste. Political parties and individuals fight elections on such consideration and most people cast their votes accordingly. Tension runs high and people indulge in riots. The worst casualty is the nation’s unity. Thus, our national life and character have been completely corrupted and polluted. Each of these issues has become a national virus. Every person becomes biased and prejudiced. He thinks more of his narrow identity than the good of the nation.


However, all these are symptoms and not the malady itself. The real malady is the economic exploitation of the poor by the rich. India is actually a very rich country in natural resources. But the natural wealth of the country is enjoyed by a minority of people by depriving the majority.

Consequently, there are two classes: the rich and the poor. But if the natural wealth is justly and equally distributed among all people there will be no rich and no poor. At present, the exploiters and their agents are misleading and instigating the people to indulge in various kinds of riots because they have to hide their own crimes and save their skin. But in a truly socialistic society, the above quarrels and riots will disappear because, in such a society, no group can economically be exploited by another.

So if we want to achieve national integration, we should try to remove poverty. But it cannot be removed with mere slogans. For such removal, we must all work with sincerity and dedication. At the same time, the various national majorities must not impose themselves on the minorities. They must learn to respect the latter. Chauvinism is a very big obstacle to national integration.

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