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Essay on My Village in 500 Words with Proper Format

Writing an essay on places is not that easy. You will need proper knowledge of everything about that place. Everyone knows about their village. So, writing an essay on the topic “My Village” is very common everywhere. Also, village life is different in every state of India. Here is an Essay on My Village in more than 500 words for school students. After reading this essay thoroughly you will be able to write an essay on your own village or you can just write this examination in your examination. This essay on My Village is very easy to understand and is applicable to any level of students.

Essay on My Village in 500 Words with Proper Format

Easy Essay on My Village in 500 Words

Proper format of essay writing is followed while writing this essay on the topic “My Village”. This essay includes the following subtopics-

  • Introduction to the essay
  • The people
  • Communication in my village
  • Institutions
  • Economic Life
  • Improvement needed in our village
  • Conclusion of the essay


I live in a small village. A river flows through the middle of our village, thus dividing it into two parts. A bamboo bridge over it serves as the connecting link between these two parts. This river is the source of household water for most of the villagers. Some, however, draw their water from pond tanks and wells within their home yards

The People in My Village:

Nearly one thousand people live in our village. Some are Hindus, some Muslims, some Sikhs, some Christians, and some animists. There is one Naam Ghar, one mosque, one gurudwara, one church, and one Thaan in our village. All the communities live in peace and amity. Most of the villagers are cultivators and the majority of them are very poor. They till other people’s land. However, some of our villagers have recently taken to professions like carpentry, tailoring, and trading in minor goods. A few young men have also left for towns to work as rickshaw pullers, pushcart drivers, and day laborers. Our village has also produced two doctors, three college lecturers, and two high government officers. But they are all from rich families. The poor families have mortgaged most of their land and goods to some rich traders.

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Communication in My Village:

Communication to and from our village is very poor. The nearest railway station is at a distance of about 8 kilometers. Buses and cars are also not easily available. The bicycle and the bullock cart are the main modes of transport. There are no pitched roads at all. During the rainy season, the villagers generally use boats and rafts to cross the river because floods wash away the bamboo bridge over it almost every year. Floods are one of the worst enemies of our village. They break the river embankments and enter the village. They submerge huts, paddy fields, and granaries underwater and cause immense hardship to the people.


There is one high school, one sub-post office, one police outpost, one dispensary, and a few government offices near our village. Only a primary school is inside the village. For college education, villagers have to send their children to towns that are thirty to fifty kilometers away.

Economic Life:

Like other villagers, the people of our village are also simple and easy going. Their needs, too, are few and simple. Most of these needs are satisfied through the village market which sits once a week. The villagers sell their surplus commodities and make necessary purchases in the market Earthen pots and iron implements are supplied by the village potter man and the village blacksmith. Fish is available in. the ponds and marshes! in and around the village. However, villagers are not experts in trade and commerce. So they are cheated and exploited by the middlemen and do not get the due price for their products. Lack of good communication is the main reason for this. The simple villagers cannot think of taking their goods to towns for sale. So they are compelled to sell these to the middlemen at very low prices.

Improvement etc.:

Our villagers are simple, unsophisticated, and peace loving. But that does not mean that their amenities should not be increased, because the increase of amenities and improvement of conditions do not necessarily destroy peace and simplicity. Nothing should be used as excuses for keeping villagers backward forever. On the other hand, townsmen already have a lot to learn from villagers.


I love my village in spite of its wants and poverty. But I am determined to work for its development because, without the development of the villages, the development of India will always remain a dream.

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