Essay on My Daily Life – A Boy’s Daily Life In a Village

Daily life differs from person to person. However, we find some similarities between the two village men or between two people who live in town. But the Life of a village boy is totally different from the life of a town boy. Many times these topics come in essay writing. At that time some students face difficulties in writing an essay on their own daily life. So, here is an essay on the topic “My Daily Life” or “A Boy’s Daily Life In a Village”. Here we are giving an essay on the daily life of a village boy.

Essay on My Daily Life - A Boy’s Daily Life In a Village

My Daily Life – A Boy’s Daily Life In A Village Essay

We follow the proper format while writing an essay. This essay includes the following sub topics –

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Life in the morning
  • Life in the school
  • The evening life of a village boy
  • Conclusion of the essay


Some people live dangerously. Some spend their days in search of adventures and excitement. For some people, life may not present a picture of routine work. But most people on earth pass their days a bit monotonously, doing the same kind of work nearly every day. Yet, it is true that no two days are exactly the same in a man’s life. Sundays and other holidays have spent a bit differently from the weekdays. Even weekdays may differ with respect to changes in the weather and subtle variations in one’s daily activities. This makes it difficult to give an exact picture of one’s daily life. I have, therefore, made an attempt below to give a picture only of how I generally spend my weekdays.

My Daily Life In The Morning:

As one living in a village, my day begins pretty early. lt is, only rarely that I miss the red glow in the eastern horizon when I open my eyes in the morning (cloudy days apart). Like most other young persons in the village I quite often take part in the earliest profession of mankind (i. e. cultivation ) early in the morning: at the time, am either there in the field with the plow or in a garden with a spade. After a couple of hour’s work, I take an early break while others continue. I hurry back to my study and have time to study for only about one hour. As our school is about four kilometers of house, I have to start walking to school at 9 or even before, after a rather hurried bath and a meal. These have been the activities I have usually been performing in the morning for the last many years. The only departure from this routine has been during the time when I have had to sit for the examination or when the tilling of the soil is not required. My parents exempt me from all manual work for about a fortnight during examinations.

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My Daily Life in The School:

My time in school usually passes without much of a stir. Most of the teachers come to the classroom on time and impart lessons on their respective subjects. I eagerly look forward to the science lesson every day, as I always find it extremely interesting. Probably, I have a knack for the study of science, but what appears to be more important is the way in which our science teacher arouses our interests by his illustrations from our daily life as well as by simple experiments. We have also a delightful time during the Assamese class: our Assamese teacher is such an excellent humourist that he can make even the driest piece of wood sappy. In fact, his humor has become a part of our school life. During the mid daybreak, I go to the Library occasionally to borrow a book or two, but more often than not. I spend the 30-minute break idly chatting with my friends under one of the trees on the campus. Sometimes I play football or volleyball in the school playground after school hours, but quite often hunger brings me back home as quickly as possible.

My Life in The Evening:

After, Spending the rest of the afternoon in odd jobs like watering the plants in the garden or chopping wood. I welcome the evening by gathering the cattle and lodging them in the cow-shed. We in the villages take our evening meal around 8 p.m. (it is neither dinner nor a supper in the British sense). I have time enough to do my homework for about two hours before meals and an hour and a half after. I always try to stick to this schedule, because these three hours and a half are very crucial for a rural school student like me. When I overwork myself during the day, I get very tired in the evening and feel sleepy too early. But I manage to keep, myself awake till 10 p.m. Then I go to bed and fall off to a night of deep sleep for more than six hours – the happiness of which I am, unfortunately, aware only after I wake up in the morning!


So this is how my days roll by, one after the other. It is a comparatively hard life that I have to live. But I have 7 never grudged it. I have realized that there is pleasure in almost everything if we pursue it with willingness and sincerity. Not that I do not want any change. But, God willing, I have still a long distance to traverse in life when my daily life may wear different colors at different stages.

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