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Essay on Good Manners in 500+ Words For Students

Easy 500+ words essay on Good Manners in English for students. A well-written essay on Good Manners or Manners in the proper format of essay writing for students as well as kids. This essay can be also used by students for paragraph writing on Good Manners. Students can also adjust the length of this essay to 200, 300, and 400 words based on their requirements.

Essay on Good Manners in 500+ Words For Students

500+ Words Essay On Good Manners – Paragraph Writing On Good Manners

The following essay on Good Manners includes the following key points (sub-headings):

  • Introduction of Good Manners
  • Breeding
  • Manners Infection
  • Explanation of Good Manners
  • What is bad manner?
  • Equal courtesy to all
  • Conclusion of the essay.


Introduction (Good Manners):

It has been rightly said that manners make a man. Often, a person can be judged from his or her manners. A gentleman as well as a rustic shows himself through his behaviors and manners. It is not possible to judge a man from a short acquaintance. In such cases, the first impression he makes on others with his manners carries more weight than anything else. Therefore, manners sometimes matter more than many other things. This does not mean that manners are not important at some other times. Manners, both good and bad, play an important role in our day-to-day life.


Manners are the result of breeding and training. A well-bred and well-trained person is well-mannered and well-behaved. On the other hand, an ill-bred or ill-trained person is ill-mannered and ill-behaved.

Manners Infection:

Manners are infectious. They spread from one person to another. It is difficult for an ordinary or normal person to behave badly with a well-mannezed person. Similarly, the bad behavior or manner of a person tends to make others behave with him or her in the same way.

Good Manners (Explanation):

Good manners are very essential for a smooth social life. A. G. Gardiner calls them “small change”. A good-mannered man has nothing to lose but everything to gain. It does not cost us anything to use the word “please” while wanting the service of somebody, of “thank you” after receiving it. A good-mannered man greets others at the meeting, wishes them good luck in everything, and congratulates them on their success. He does not talk loudly or use filthy words and shows special consideration for old men, women, and children. He is polite in behaviors, receives and sees off a guest with courtesy, and does not hurt the feelings and sentiments of others. He always respects his elders, listens to the opinions of others, and does not impose his own opinion on anyone. He does not disturb others or intrude on their privacy. A good-mannered man is loved, honored, and admired by all. He easily wins the hearts of others. He is like a bright sunshine, and his very presence radiates a happy and pleasant atmosphere.

Bad Manners:

On the other hand, bad manners are like garbage in a drain. They make social life foul and stagnant. An ill-mannered and rustic man pollutes the whole atmosphere with his rustic manners. He is rough, crude, and inconsiderate. He hurts other people’s feelings with uncharitable and rude comments. His foul mouth earns him the displeasure and hatred of others. People regard him as a social nuisance and avoid his company.

Equal Courtesy To All:

Good manners imply due respect for all. We should be good-mannered not only in our dealings with our superiors but inferiors too. We should not misbehave with people of inferior ranks or manual labourers. A good-mannered man knows and appreciates the dignity of labour. In fact, the mark of a true gentleman lies in his behaviour towards the so-called lowest person in society.


Good manners are an essential part of education. Education cannot be complete without them. A person with high academic qualifications may cut a very sorry figure in life if he or she is uncouth in manners. So we should all try to cultivate good manners.

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