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Essay On Floods In Assam for AHSEC and HSLC

Nowadays floods in Assam are a very common natural disaster. It happens almost every year. So, there is a huge chance to give you write Essay on Floods in Assam in your AHSEC and HSLC examination of SEBA. Here is a well-written essay on the topic floods in Assam in 300 words. Also, you can adjust the length of this essay by adding or deleting words by yourself.

Essay On Floods In Assam for AHSEC and HSLC

300 Words Essay On Floods In Assam for SEBA Examination

The following essay on Floods in Assam is very easy to understand for any students so that students studying in Assamese Medium can also easily understand and memorize for their examination.


[Quick View of The Essay on Floods in Assam: Introduction – how floods are caused – the damage – Government measures to check it and the results – conclusion.]

At a particular time of the year, Assam makes news in the All-India newspapers. It is the time of floods. The same old story of floods is repeated every year almost in the same way.

With the advent of the wet monsoon in May and June, it starts raining in Assam and continues for two to three months that follow. This period of the year is the rainy season in this region and the chief crop of paddy is planted during this season in the plains of Assam. Rains are, therefore, most welcome at this time. But often because of excessive rains, particularly in the foothills of the Himalayas, the rivers in Assam cannot carry away all the water, and the excess water submerges the low-lying areas of the two valleys. This is how floods occur in Assam.

Floods cause damage to standing crops in the fields and houses and properties in the villages. Certain areas like Majuli are affected by floods every year and suffer severe damage. Erosion of some portions of the banks of certain rivers, particularly of the mighty Brahmaputra, is also usually Caused at the time of floods. Many people are rendered homeless because of erosion.

The Government has built embankments along the banks of some rivers and it has saved certain areas from floods. But sometimes these embankments prove to be a source of greater danger than normal floods. Whenever there is a breach in the embankment the water rushes forth at a tremendous speed leaving behind a trail of destruction. Often, houses, animals, and even human beings are swept away by surging waters.

However, floods also do good to the cultivators. They leave a layer of salt on the fields that make the land fertile. This enables them to reap a good harvest. Plenty of fish is also available after the floods.

Floods cause great damage to the economy of our state. The Government must take effective measures to control floods. The Central Government has already set up the Brahmaputra Board. But up till now, it has been able to do very little. The Government must adopt such measures as will solve the problem of floods in Assam once for all.

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