Essay On Discipline in 500 Words – Easy

Discipline is important in every step of our life. So, it is the most common topic for virtue-related essays. Here is a 500 words essay on virtue related topic- Discipline. This essay on discipline is written in the proper format of essay writing. This essay covers the importance of discipline in every aspect of life like in sports, armed forces, student life, public life, etc. Our aim is to help students on getting maximum marks in their examinations. Also, this essay on Discipline can be given as a speech by students.

Essay On Discipline in 500 Words - Easy

Easy 500 Words Essay On Discipline – Speech On Discipline

This is an essay related to virtue. This essay on discipline is very easy to understand and memorize so that students can bring maximum marks in their examination easily. The Following essay includes the following sub-headings:

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Importance of discipline
  • Students and discipline
  • Importance of discipline in public life
  • Discipline in the armed forces
  • Conclusion of the essay



Discipline is one of the most essential virtues of public and private life. Itis the habit of doing everything according to order. Lack of proper discipline creates disorder and chaos. Without this, no individual, no society, no institution, and no country can prosper.

Need of Discipline:

The path of life is very complex. It is full of thorns. Tender-aged children do not know what is good and what is bad for them and society. They must always be guided by their parents and other experienced elders. The guidance of such well-wishers alone can enable them to face the problems and realities of life.

Students and Discipline:

Discipline is most necessary during student life because it is during this period that young ones lead a collective life. This is the most impressionable period in a person’s life. Whatever he or she learns discipline during this time, leaves a permanent impact on the mind. This is the stage when a person prepares himself or herself for future life. Therefore, students should be carefully taught to respect their elders, to do everything in time and according to routine. They must obey the rules and regulations of their institutions. If they do not obey their teachers, they would not learn anything. They would become unruly and create problems for themselves and others. Even intelligent students will go astray.

Discipline in Public Life:

Discipline is also essential in public life. A country or a society can not expect to achieve anything without discipline. People must follow certain norms. Leaders, too, must show disciplined behavior in public life, because an example is better than a precept. No leader can expect the people to follow him if his own conduct and behavior are not exemplary. Discipline is two-way traffic. So, leaders must not merely impose their will on the people. To work sincerely and in an orderly manner by always keeping the general welfare of the society in mind is a higher form of discipline.

Discipline in The Play Field:

Discipline is essential in the playground too. The success of a team depends on its teamwork. The players must obey their captain because if they do not do so but play as they like, they are sure to be defeated.

Discipline in The General Armed Forces:

Discipline is of utmost importance to the armed forces. There is no difference between an indisciplined armed-force and an unruly mob. In fact, the former is more dangerous. History gives us many examples of how indisciplined armed forces lost battles and brought ruins to their countries. On the other hand, during the Crimean War, the English cavalry, known as the Light Brigade, showed a supreme example of discipline. Their commander had given them a wrong order to charge the Cossacks and the Russians. Every soldier knew that the order was wrong. Everyone knew that compliance with that order meant entering into the jaws of death. But still, no one opposed it. Instead, the cavalry rode off into the midst of the enemy and the majority embraced death. However, this incident emphasizes that army leaders must be very careful in giving orders to their soldiers.


There is no doubt that discipline is necessary for every walk of life. But this does not mean blind obedience to all elders and all superiors. The need for discipline for the young ones can hardly be over-emphasized. At the same time, they can not distinguish between their well-wishers and ill-wishers. Therefore, parents, guardians, elders, superiors, and leaders should always be very careful and judicious in giving guidance and orders. In the name of discipline, they should not take undue advantage of the obedience of their wards, youngers, inferiors, and followers.

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