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Easy Method To Make Crystals From Saturated Solution

Easy Method To Make Crystals From Saturated Solution


I have published a curiosity series related to the manufacture and use of science equipment for lower secondary and secondary level home experiments. This type of project can be also considered to be fun science. You may curious about How to make Crystals from Saturated Solution? by a very simple idea and with affordable materials. The method of achieving the Crystal From Saturated Solution that I am going to show is very Simple. But do you know what is a crystal? and what is a Saturated Solution?

What is Crystal?

A piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces. In a simple, highly transparent glass with a high refractive index.

What is a Saturated Solution?

A saturated solution is a chemical solution containing the maximum concentration of solute dissolved in the solvent.

There are many ways to achieve crystals from a solution. Here I am going you a simple method to achieve crystal. Sometimes it depends on luck too. This method is very much useful for primary students to build as a Science Project.

Necessary Materials To Form Crystals From Saturated Solution:

Not much materials will be needed to from crystals from a saturated solution. Materials that are given are enough for this science experiment. You will be able to achieve the goal very easily.

  • A container with the opening wide made of glass
  • About 200 grams sugar-candy
  • Water
  • Thick rope.

Method: How To Achieve Crystal From This Science Experiment

Put water almost in half of the container. Pour the sugar-candy and put it into  the container and then let it dissolve in water. When it will stop dissolving, prepare the saturated solution by heating. Then make 3-4 small holes though the cap of the container  and enter the pieces of thread though them. Some  parts  of the  thread should  be dipped into the solution. Place the cap and cover the opening  of the container well. Then keep it in a cool and safe place and take care of it. After 1 or 2 days, there will be seen some particles of the sugar- candy stuck to the threads.

Easy Method To Make Crystals From Saturated Solution
Your Crystals are Ready.

Reason – How Crystals are Formed in Saturated Solution?

As the temperature decreases, the quantity of solution decreases too. As a result, some particles of sugar-candy come apart from the water. The particles severed thus gather on the rope. The more the solution decreases, the more the particles come apart of the water and then stick to the particles of the thread. In this way, there is formed a crystal.

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