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“Duties Of a Student” – Essay For School Students

Essays play a very important role in securing good marks in a literature subject. Most of the essay topics are common in every school. Here is an essay on the topic “Duties of a Student”. This is a very important topic to practice for an examination. Also, this essay will help students to know their various duties.

Duties Of a Student - Essay For School Students

Essay On The Topic – Duties of a Student


The duties of a student are manifold. One may think that the one and only duty of a student is to study his own books. The ancient Sanskrit saying “Chattanang Adhyayanang Tapah”, also seems to imply such a meaning. But I personally feel that, here, the word “Adhyayanang” ( to study ) doesn’t mean the study of mere textbooks. It also means the study of everything necessary to acquire for becoming a useful member of society at large.

Primary Duties of a Student:

There is no doubt that the first and foremost duty of a student is to study his books. But then the authorities should also be very careful in preparing the syllabus because only a good syllabus can enable a student to acquire the necessary knowledge for becoming a responsible citizen. At the same time, he must also cultivate such virtues as obedience, discipline, punctuality and cooperation, helpfulness, perseverance, honesty, etc. Even sincere adherence to a student’s routine work at school and home affords him ample scope to develop many of these virtues.

Secondary Duties of a Student:

Though the primary duty of a student is to study his books, side by side, he must silently prepare himself to tace the world in time. Otherwise, at the end of his student days, he will be a mere fish out of the water, a square peg in a round hole. He must not forget that he is a future and potential citizen of the country. He must keep in mind that he would have to be an asset and not a liability to society. In order that he may successfully face the world and its problems and be of use to society, he must keep himself in touch with the surroundings and contemporary affairs. He must keep his eyes and ears open and have a reasonable and intelligent interest in everything beneficial to society. Though he should not take part in activities or party politics, he must keep abreast of national and international political developments, because good or bad, politics is indispensable. Though dirty politics pollutes society, healthy and clean politics saves it from doom and destruction.

Additional Duties:

In addition to all these, a student also has some social and national responsibilities. He must do everything possible to fight ignorance, superstition, prejudice, narrowness, and such other social maladies. He must keep himself in readiness to serve the distressed in times of social and national calamities like floods, famines epidemics, wars, and riots. These are the training grounds where a student can receive training to become a complete man in the future. He must not evade these on the pretext of studies, because such evasiveness will gradually destory all his noble qualities. Ultimately, he will be reduced to an escapist, a worthless book worm, and a social misfit.


In conclusion, one may say that though the principal and immediate duty of a student is to study, his ultimate and long-term objective is to serve society. the country, and humanity at large. As such his studies are a relative thing and not the only or absolute reality.

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