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Digital Plan on Heron’s Formula – Mathematics

Apart from making lesson plans on paper, it is also necessary to prepare digital lesson plans in the B.Ed. course. In this post, you will learn how to make a digital lesson plan on PowerPoint for your B.Ed. practicum. I will share a ready-made Mathematics digital lesson plan on Heron’s Formula. This digital plan will be very helpful if you are pursuing B.Ed and want to learn how to make it.

Digital Lesson Plan on Heron's Formula - Mathematics

Mathematics Digital Lesson Plan on Heron’s Formula For B.Ed.

If you are pursuing B.Ed., you will need to submit a lot of things in the final semester to get the certificates. some of them are a set of lesson plans for each subject, TLM, Projects, Digital Lesson Plan, etc. So, in this post, we will discuss how to make a digital lesson plan on heron’s formula.

This maths digital formula will help you to understand how to make a proper digital plan without any mistakes. Otherwise, you can just download the PPT file and submits it in your B.Ed. college. From this maths digital plan, you will be able to make a digital plan on any topic.

Overview of the Digital Plan:

To get an idea about this maths digital lesson plan on heron’s formula, please read the following points. In this digital plan, I have covered recalling the formula of area of a triangle, Heron’s formula, and the area of a triangle by heron’s formula. For details please view our PDF version of the digital plan.

  • Identification of Data
  • Objectives of the Topic
  • Introduction
  • Question to check progress of students
  • Heron’s Formula
    • Area of Triangle by Heron’s Formula
  • Exercise
  • Answer to the questions asked

You can follow the following steps to make your own digital plan on any topic.

Digital Plan on Heron’s Formula

Identification of data:

Subject: Mathematics
Topic: Heron’s Formula
Unit: Heron’s Formula
Class: IX
Time: 30 min
Number of Students: Average Age: 14+
Name of School:
Name of the Student-Teacher: …


  • Recall the Formula to calculate the area of a triangle. (Knowledge)
  • Recall the method to find the area of a right-angle triangle, equilateral triangle, and isosceles triangle. (Knowledge)
  • Name the discovery of heron’s formula. (Knowledge)
  • Solve the problems based on the area of the right-angle triangle. (Understanding)
  • Solve the problem based on the area of the triangle by using heron’s formula. (Understanding)


You have learned to calculate the areas rectangle, square, and triangle, etc. Suppose that you are sitting in a triangular garden, and you are asked to find the area of that triangular garden. We know that:

Area of a triangle = 1/2 × base × height

We will use the above formula to find the area of the triangular garden.

(a) If The Garden is Right-Triangle:

We see that when the triangle is right-angled, we can directly apply the formula by using two sides containing the right angle as base and height. For example, suppose that the sides of a right triangle ABC are 5 cm, 12 cm, and 13 cm; we take base as 12 cm and height as 5 cm. Then we can find the area of the garden as follows:

Area of ∆ ABC = 1/2 × base × height

                          = 1/2 × 12 × 5 cm2

                          = 30 cm2

(b) If The Garden is in Equilateral Triangular Shape:

If the Shape of the garden is Equilateral Triangle, We can find the area of the garden by using the basic formula. Before that, we need to find the height of the triangular garden by using Pythagoras Theorem. For example:

Check Your Progress:


  • a) Write your answer in your notebook.
  • b) Compare your answer with the one given at the end of the

Q1. Write the formula of the area of a triangle.

Q2. Find the area of an isosceles triangle whose equal sides measures 5cm and the third side is 8cm.

Heron’s Formula:

The formula given by Heron about the area of a triangle is also known as Hero’s formula. It is stated as:

Area of a Triangle = √(s(s -a)(s -b)(s-c))

where a, b and c are the sides of the triangle, and s = semi-perimeter, i.e., half the perimeter of the triangle = (a+b+c)/2

Area of a Triangle by Heron’s Formula:

formula is helpful where it is not possible to find the height of the triangle easily. Let us apply it to calculate the area of the triangular park ABC, where a = 40, b = 24, c = 32.

we have s = (40+24+32)/2 m = 48 m.

s – a = (48 – 40) m = 8 m,

s – b = (48 – 24) m = 24 m,

s – c = (48 – 32) m = 16 m.

Therefore, area of the park ABC = √(s(s -a)(s -b)(s -c))= √(“48 x 8 x 24 x 16” ) m2 = 384 m2


  • Q1. Write the Heron’s Formula.
  • Q2. A traffic signal board, indicating ‘SCHOOL AHEAD’, is an equilateral triangle with side ‘a’. Find the area of the signal board, using Heron’s formula.
  • Q3. Find the area of a triangle two sides of which are 18cm and 10cm and the perimeter is 42cm.

Answers to check Your Progress:

1.Area of a triangle = 1/2 × base × height

2.Here, YP = PZ = 1/2 YZ = 4 cm

      Then, by using Pythagoras theorem, we get

      XP2 = XY2 – YP2 = 52 – 42 = 25 – 16 = 9

      So, XP = 3 cm

      Now, area of ∆ XYZ = 1/2 × base YZ × height XP

                                        = 1/2  × 8 × 3 cm2 = 12 cm2 .

You have to make the digital plan on heron’s formula by following this step. However, depending on the institution and teacher the format may vary a little bit. But the basic way of making a digital lesson plan, whether it is science or maths, is the same.

PDF and PPT of the Maths Digital Lesson Plan

If you are getting trouble understanding the above lesson plan on heron’s formula, then you can see the PDF version of the above lesson plan. To get the readymade version of this maths digital lesson plan on heron’s formula, click the download button.


I suggest you open the PPT file on your laptop or desktop to see the original version. The screen ratio may not well fit in mobile. We have also uploaded the ready-made digital plans for science.

This lesson plan can also be used by teachers to teach digitally. You will be also able to present this in your teaching practice in your B.Ed. college.

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